Tomoki's charm skill might be great for combat, but it's terrible for normal life...

Tomoki's charm skill might be great for combat, but it's terrible for normal life. If you get isekai'd why would anyone want a mindbroken harem? If the existence of that power gets known it's not going to be easy to work with anyone when they might fear being controlled too.

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Just charm those as well. Problem solved.

He's never fokking the spider isn't he?

That's like killing everyone to solve problems. It works for some things, but can have its own problems.

We need to wait for the author to write more WN chapters again, but he's at least being pushed in that direction by others.

I want to fuck Rona.

>Tomoki's charm skill might be great for combat,
Tomokek is trash, his power is a joke since it does't work on opponents that matters. There is no point in mind controlling literal fodders if they can't empower you and just reduce you mana instead.
Compared to Chadbiki's power it's like a child's play. Her nakama power is something more suits for combat. The more people believe in her, the more powerful she becomes. You fucking bet that as she masters it more, she will eventually be able to use her believers' powers and abilities as well.

Then still be crushed by Makoto.

>Filming Adult Videos in Another World


How's your self insert isekai going?

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36k words both for a year now
stop asking

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Can you charm makoto?

>New weekly dose of Mia-sama
>Finished it instantly
Fuck, I'm already having withdrawals

Probably even most gods would have a difficult time doing it through magic, and he's slow to notice when someone like Mio tries her own charming methods.

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Is this this the most ambitious Isekai of our generation?
Isekai porn?

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I may hate mind-control in my porn but I'm pretty sure there are people that love it .

This it doesn't even work on the princess or the important people of the empire.

I need to find a way to write the MC finding a way for the citizens to find out they are about to get genocided without said citizens instantly lynching the guy

what's this from?

Not bad almost done with the first volume. It'Äs probably going to be around 50 words.

ups 50k of course

That's another way for Makoto to make money too. With Tomoe's help they could get scenes looking though the eyes of a person.

Saucenao worked, apply yourself.

Do you self-insert as the monster or as her?

Rial POV porn.

Neither if you're not a degenerate.

Did someone say Mia-sama?

>If you get isekai'd why would anyone want a mindbroken harem?
I'd prefer it if it was a harem of villainesses.

Any villainess stories that focus on her relationship to the nice girl like Holy Grail of Eris or To Be You Just For One Day?

>if you're not a degenerate.

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Like, primarily or exclusively as opposed to being one of many relationships?

Combine it with an expensive brothel and sell people copies of their experience, then use the opportunity to copy records of memories like was done to Makoto. There could be plenty of secrets to exploit.