Is Eureka Seven still worth watching...

Is Eureka Seven still worth watching? I've had it on my backlog for years and I'm not sure if I should just skip it or dive in

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E7 is great. Stay away from E7 AO

yeah it still holds up.the design is cool, the characters are well written, the music is phenomenal and the whole series has this comfy surfer vibe. it starts slow though and the theme of the series shifts around the halfway mark.

Watch Eureka seven and Xam'd if you want something vaguely similar. Don't watch ANY of the movies or AO unless you want to make yourself suffer.

Good to know since AO was also on the backlog, I'll delete it. Do you think its aged well, its from 05 I think right?

The fuck kind of question is this? Watch it if it looks good. It's not our job to convince you to watch good shows.

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>still worth watching?
What the hell does that even mean? What do you think happened from its release until now to make it better or worse?

It's fine
Don't watch the second season or any of the movies

this, don't even read the manga or light novel

Narratives that were at one time original become overused, animation quality ages poorly (which sometimes doesn't matter), etc. But I see your point its not like the content changed.

Shut up and watch it faggot

Just go and watch it.

besides aspect ratio it completely holds up. im biased tho because it's my favorite anime

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If you like it enough to be biased then its good enough! Just moved it over to my media server and it'll be ready to watch in about half an hour.

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eureka seven AO was unironically better than eureka seven. don't @ me.

Just fucking watch it and find out

bless you user
try to avoid spoilers, discovering the world is part of the fun

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4:3 is the more kino aspect ratio, brainlet.

Since its 16 hours of content and I'm starting quite soon I'm gonna try and get it done through tonight! I'm rewatching Steins;Gate but only have one more episode left after that its time for some E7!

>Narratives that were at one time original become overused
considering even the creators didn't know how to replicate the lightning in a bottle they had in the sequels you shouldn't be worried here

I dropped it in the first couple of episodse because it felt like another shounen.
Form your own opinion

Since someone said it starts slow if this thread is still up I'll post my opinon after episode 6 or so

whatever works for you buddy
well i wish you good luck and advise you to take a break if you start to burn out.

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Good show. Great for mecha newfags. It introduces a lot of tropes that are classic to the genre in an approachable package; and I think most people wind up staying for the love story by the end of it all.

It definitely starts slow-ish and becomes more conventionally dramatic as the series goes on, but if none of the characters interest you or you hate the show's pacing or something you probably won't find yourself suddenly liking it by the end.

it's a good show to binge, has good character growth and it's more than "monster of the week". The plot gets wrapped up nicely at the end.


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It's hard to appreciate the world building in the beginning your first time through and there are a couple rough patches but it's still fantastic overall. Once you realize that Renton is not the point of the show it gets much better.

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The first dozen or so eps are a drag, had to try twice. Dont give up.

First and foremost it's a coming of age story, so if you're in your 30s and have become jaded by life, it just won't be the same as watching it as a teenager.

Brian Scalabrine was unironically better than Larry Bird. Don't @ me, famallamadingdongsenpaikun.

it's good, just don't watch the sequel.

The trio is fucking awful. But just put up with that and the rest is good.

Mechs, music, interesting cast, interesting world building, good story etc.

Probably will never see another show like it again.
This is wrong.

The first movie's okay retelling. Like most of the retelling movies.

And the first 30 minutes of the new trilogy is 9/10 and just as good as the best of the series.

AO is garbage though, yes.

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