Boku No Hero Academia

If you could choose a Quirk to have for yourself, which one would you pick?

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Penis enlargement

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Damn it must be really small then

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the quirk to erase all quirks and finish this shit manga

I want no less than 7 quirks

I'll take Wave Motion pls.

M-Miriobros, what is this?!

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be prepared for society to shun you the moment you have an quirk accident

The power of love?

a quirk that lets me gets dubs,trips ect on any Yas Forums post.

So, a Non-Recessive Quirkless Quirk?

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lust induction

You people are too fucking horny.


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Well, looks like you already got it

I want to thank Aizawa for all the beautiful moments we spent together!

The power to birth drawings from my mind vagina.

The power to eat Deku's ass

ugly bastard appeal, I already have the look.

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So you just want to be a good artist?

You have nice teeth.

I choose Endless Calamity (Quirk Version)

Then I go smuggle fruits or some shit

Bakugo and Ochako having their first kiss together while Deku watches

Aizawafag! You're back!

It's Satoru Akefu's ability, to be more precise


You want to appeal to ugly bastards? That's kinda weird

You promised me spoilers Yas Forums! Where are my spoilers?

Rubber, to fight like Luffy. I would love to have Gear Second as a tool to fight. If I can only choose something that we already saw, Wave Motion. Energy blast is cool with fighting skills, it reminds me of Dragon Ball.

Momo's is pretty much the best power in the show, you just asspull any materialistic thing you want for free

AFO or Overhaul,

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bakuSHITbros wh, wha?..what is this? this can't be happening..even femdeku..

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All for One.

Then I can have all of them.

But what if you're the only person in the world with a quirk?

More will come

Deku is simply irresistible, you can't really blame her

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the power to tell women to get back into the kitchen and no matter where they are, theyll be compelled to head back into the kitchen and make me a sandwich

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haha, you forget the kitchen is also where all the knives are >:)

Th-Th-That's against the rules! If you make anything you want with your quirk, then the circulation of money and... That's right, as a citizen of this nation, you must increase the flow of money in the economy!

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That's a stupid, manichean pov. It's pretty much like saying someone not wanting to fuck some guy must mean they want that person dead in a gutter. People are allowed to have mellower, more complex feelings than that.

My OC's quirk is basically like rock paper scissors. "Scissors" (really just him doing finger guns) lets him shoot dazing energy bolts, rock gives him a shield that can also be used for pummeling, and paper gives him a sword. These can be combined, so left-hand rock, right-hand paper for example.

i want to mate with the bun

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that, i agree with

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am I gay if I want to fuck Deku both as a girl and as a boy?

Shut up nerd. My quirk my rules.

>for free
Gotta be a morbidly obese like she is so your body has the material to make it


Mmh. I wonder where i saw this before

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