Why does anime always do this?

Character is portrayed as super strong, yet the body is completely untoned.

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Because I want to see sexy girls, not some roid monster and GUESS WHAT? ANIME IS 2D SO YOU CAN MAKE WHATEVER FANTASY YOU PLEASE, DUMBASS.

It boils down to the preferences of the staff

If you see a thick, round ass in an anime, it's because somebody wanted to put it in and everyone else agreed enough that it made it's way through production. The same goes for flat asses, and basically every other kind of trait

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But why apply that to strong characters? There are plenty of physically weak characters who they could draw like that.

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Why not?

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The amount of stuff that care about there being some degree of consistency between the action that is depicted on screen and the character design is probably 10% of everything that gets produced, or less.

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Is there a problem?

It's a bit ridicolous seeing Shigurel who is a super strong warrior, showing off her ass and it's just round and fat.

Ew is that a man?

Are you new here?

>he/she think japanese women wear panties under her yukatas

Anime wasn't always like it is today.

Maybe back in 1960, sure. Anime has had unrealistic girls in it since at least 1973 )cutie honey). But you would only know about your edgy epic sci-fi shows from that age, wouldn't you?

I'm talking about anime in the 80s and 90s. Before the whole otaku akihabara nerd era.

>I'm talking about anime in the 80s and 90s
Then you are, of course, also laughably wrong. The 90s were the peak of the otaku era and as for the 80s, unrealistic girls were its calling card. Cowboy bebop and Zeta Gundam are not the only anime made in those two decades.

And at the same time almost always the huge steroid ripped muscly guy is the weakest one or loses all fights to the tiny skinny guy.

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Usually because the skinny guy fucking has magic powers. You can't musclemance your way out of an energy beam.


Can't help but thinking about how much her butt cheeks would ripple from a great fart

I think TLoU2 will be more of your liking

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Educate yourself.

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People want to cute girls, not buffed girls



where's this guy getting all that protein in the middle of the mushroom apocalypse


It’s hard to draw muscle tone and animators are lazy. Also, drawing her muscular would look ugly.

Sounds like a you problem

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Bullshit, the grand master in the same series is full of muscle. Maybe there are people who think her butt looks ugly now because it looks all fat and soft.

you really want to watch every anime with jojo like characters?

>our princess can do the same thing
I kek’d.

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