Can Prisma Illya still be saved or Shirou and Julian crap completely murdered it?

Can Prisma Illya still be saved or Shirou and Julian crap completely murdered it?

Nobody even talks about the manga when new chapter hits.

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Why talk about the Chinese bootleg version when the Heaven's Feel movies are out?

It's been 10 years. Hiroyama has gotten tired of Priya.

Not even watching that crap. FSN is shit.

>Nobody even talks about the manga when new chapter hits.
Maybe because new chapter only came out once every blue moon and it only have like ten pages to it?


Just make dump thread when a chapter is out

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Will die after 20 posts.


I'm waiting for them to tie off the miyuverse and go back to the illyaverse, possibly with Angela et al in tow. Miyuverse is okay but I'd honestly just prefer slice of life with Iri and Kuro.

At the pace it is currently going, I'm just waiting for Hiroyama to simply stop producing new chapters or officially axe it.

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If we are getting 4th arc it should have FGO lolis.

It went bad when Gil stopped being the main helper

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It went bad when it started to focus on Julian and Shirou and tried to have some deep and serious plot.

This. Fuck Shirou. Give me Illya any day

Been 3 years since I last read or watched this shit
Did we really get new chapters?
At this point just axe it and give it a forced ending wouldn't give less of a shit
I will still continue jerking off to the main 3 though

It looks like this arc is ending with few more chapters. Illya is beating the shit out of Julian right now. So only Pandora stuff is left.

I'd probably pick it up again if 3rei would finally fucking end.

Cunny to big it looks like a dick

>Shirou and Julian crap completely murdered it?

Fucking this. This arc was a mistake, fuck this faggots.

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I think it would have been fine if it were a few chapters. Having Shirou's backstory go on for that long and now being stuck in fighting forever sure was a mistake. That the chapters come out at a glacial pace also doesn't help in the length department.

>updates every two months
>it’s only 10 pages
Jesus Christ

Next arc should have Prelati as big bad with all the FGO loli servants used as cards.

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Tell me, user. How would you write FGO lolis into the story in a natural way?

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>Next arc should have
A female Shirou showing up from another AU world.
That would be golden where every girl suddenly would want to suck her pussy.

I enjoy the current arc, but 10 page per pope's death doesn't help

Is the mangaka still even alive? Didn't he got sick or something?

Why are men turned into girls always turbo sluts?

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If Yas Forums is to be believed he had the dreaded Japanese cold for a while. The last I heard he'd gotten better towards the end of 2019.

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Divine punishment for fucking up the series this much.

Back in the Illyaverse, someone discovers how the Ainsworth ritual works and starts summoning various card servants, including the lolis.