I really like the prepubescent loli body type...

I really like the prepubescent loli body type. The minimal waist indentation compared to pubescent and fully grown women makes these lolis much more squeezable. Also their completely flat chests makes them easier to fully hug to you body. And finally, their smol size and weight makes them much more suitable to big cuddles than cumbersome full-sized females.

Conclusion: Very small lolis are the best.

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Not at all a lolicon, by the way.

Too many lolis nowadays have adult-like bodies.

Loli is prepubescent by default

I love it when lolis have these long super slender legs.

Nope it can include pubescent

post proof then?

Most girls start puberty between 8 and 13. So an 11yo girl is usually pubescent but still a loli. Hanako Oomuro is eight (8) and definitely prepubescent.

when did this happen? I knew a fair number of juniors in high school that hadn't hit puberty yet.

So, can a 13 year old be a loli assuming she looks the part? Because I know 12 year old who don't look loli at all.

Gonna slap some truth to you OP
No-one likes lolis for their kiddie personalities, only their bodies
Therefore we can conclude that only lolis with mature mannerisms and mindsets are the best

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>The bud-stage of breast development appears early ( 10.7 years) in the sequence of somatic changes accompanying pubescence. And the next maturational item available is the first appearance of pigmented pubic hair (11.2 years) . My little cup brims with tiddles.

Did you go to high school in the backwoods of West Virginia?

>pic related
That only happens if you're a homely looking dude. Lolis actually like beautiful young men.

Sometimes I just feel like the forbidden word is the best term to describe loli bodies. Like it just sounds right. I want to hug a _____.

Why do so many of you beasts lach onto Hanako?
Is it because of her immature body or her mature personality?

The cunny is a specific part though, you can't just hug a cunny.

Immature lolis are the cutest though.

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Yes, but also people make "cunny threads" that are about the entire character.

Her slender little body and straight ribbon-like hair really go well together.

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I concur.

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I think I make 90% of Hanako threads. She's just so small and sweet and innocent. I want to SQUEEZE her.

Asians hit puberty later than whites though.

The cunny is very important to lolicons. This is because with a lack of secondary sexual characteristics, it is the only part that differentiates the little girl from the little boy.

preschooler and baby scenes are almost always good

I prefer pubescent lolis with subtle curves, but I respect your taste user, and hope you can find a prepubescent loli to love.

Kaede has both a more immature body and a more mature personality, so that can't be it.

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>it is the only part that differentiates the little girl from the little boy
Wrong. This is a place for true patricians who know everything about the loli anatomy. I suggest you go back to lurk more.

she's literally me

Wanna fuck?

me too user.

Kaede's personality isn't that mature. I'd say she's a normal kid. Like saying she'd give brat some of her boobs.

here's how you're supposed to do it around here


Hey come on guys, just because we're discussing what we physically like about lolis does not mean it's okay to be lewd about their small preteen naked smooth little bodies.