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I love them!!

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Did english one piece have a voice actor change for Robin?

Chapter when? We got spoilers already?


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Those turtle seals knew haki.

Those seals were yonko-tier

Tekking is fraud One Piece content creator?

How do people actually watch him?

I mean, most one piece content creators are trash, but Tekking is at the top of that list.


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Shut the fuck up.

He's extremely autistic and I can't stand watching him, plus a lot of the times he's wrong.
But I prefer him over Söyersbase a million fucking times.

hes extremely autistic and extremely into it which is why I enjoy watching him

>Kaido weakens his own forces by making them fight each other for entertainment
>Kanjuro goes for Hiyori instead of reporting to Orochi like he was going to

Why does Oda keep having the antagonists sabotage themselves?

Roger is trash but I can at least fathom his appeal.
Tekking has no charisma and hasn't been funny despite his cringe skits/comedy since he was a bleach cuck.

I swear back in the lady there was a stream he was in with other youtubers where he literally called Skypiea the most overrated arc in One Piece, which makes no sense on multiple levels.

And when another part of the ytac back then that I was apart of, exposed this channel jimsnerdnation as a fraud who stole people's art to pass on his own and send to other comtent creators to curry favor, Tekking stuck his head in the sand and said "he's my friend" and would even leave streams when this came up.

I don't even like current one piece, but Tekking is a guy who has a Bleach brain using One Piece for clout.

Who let him get this powerful?

What a garbage fucking thread

Tekking is the master and if you disagree you have incredibly shitty taste.

Tekking > Rogersbase

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I love them.

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Reminder that Kuina's death is the saddest one in the manga.

And cute.

love to see gays supporting each other

His videos have no value, he's hyped as some fake Encyclopedia as if he's that sperg Greg.

The only valuable One Piece content creator is MrMorj.

Rogersbase has the excuse of being photogenic and relatively humorous, I don't watch him/was opposed to his rise, but he's not a pseudo-expert/fraud.

kys retard

I don't see any gays.
>inb4 mirror

>Post pictures of Nami

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Tekking fans should off themselves

Tekking dislikers should eat my doo-doo and die


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why? His content is pretty enjoyable to listen to in the background because of how autistically enthusiastic he is

We need a cute thread after all of the negativity over the past few days. Let's stop the hate.

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I think I've figured out what the will of D. is. All people who are D's have the innate ability of releasing a special awakened haki where their will bends reality itself to what they desire. This is why Luffy is able to overcome such impossible foes who are far stronger than him and survive losses that would mean certain death for anyone else. The stronger the haki the more things fall into place for you. Look at how effortlessly things happened for Blackbeard who was able to swindle the entire world for his plans with relative ease. That is the power of D.


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So pretty. You shall be my new wife.

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Not for you Arlong

Now charisma/trash humor/skits, no valuable textual analysis to anyone with a fifth grade reading level.

Also I'm just biased because I remember the dumb shit he used to do/say.

Honestly I don't even watch the ytac anymore, I'm just nostalgic for the old days most don't remember, and so his clout as an OP aficionado confuses me so I felt the need to mention it for once.

He kept the hat didn't he

I love Robin.

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Luffy in Arlong Park was underwater and unconcious, he didn't float and still had the ability to stretch.
This confirms that Devil fruits make you immobile and non-floaty but keep your ability.

Mr.3 floating was a plothole