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This has gotta be one of my favorite covers.

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Best apostle and best boy closing in fast. Get ready for fun and excitement!

Alright anons, this is your last chance to back out now. Cause come next volume, an inescapable horrible death comes. You've been warned

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The struggle is real.


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Sorry Mr. King but we already have the skeleton quota with the Skull Knight

>Second panel
>I've made a huge mistake

the man, the myth, the legend


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I’m in it for the long haul now, this shit is great.

How the fuck did Wyald get arrested in the first place? How'd this dude even end up in prison? It doesn't even make sense that he would stay arrested if he was arrested. And I doubt he used the Behelit in jail, so what the fuck happened here?

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my fellow struggler

he can still grin

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Probably my favorite cover next to the eclispe one

Knowing Wyald, he probably just did it for kicks. If he wanted to he could've ripped the King's head off and raped Charlotte.

Read it a while back, can't wait. I'll be there.

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So basically the Dirlewanger Brigade.

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>Even Griffith is smiling at the cute family moments

Oh man I sure hope nothing happens to these guys.

Look at that smile on his face he probably did it for fun

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He let himself be arrested. He was fucking around somewhere, and some guards had the balls to place him under arrest and he just rolled with it. Probably figured going to prison might be a fun place to meet like minded individuals. If he'd gotten bored before the king showed up and made him a knight of Midland he'd have just left.

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Oh boy, this page. Wyald is such a creepy bastard.


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What an asshole

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"Fun things are fun!" - Wyald

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fuck me

He's the epitome of the hedonistic apostle. The poster child of "Do as thou wilt", the one commandment the apostles are told to follow. Wyald does it all for the lulz


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Could have been badly wounded, trapped or overwhelmed by numbers.

Like a lot of Apostles he's probably cautious about actually transforming, too, because it would put the entire kingdom on alert that there's a monster on the loose.

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Am I the only one that hears Death Metal coming from this page?

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Good lord lol

Cant blame the lad. What a fine JC

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that's a page above, m8.



you need to be literally mentally ill to draw something like this

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See how Griffith keeps noticing things about Casca and Guts? How he keeps looking at them like he's being left behind by both of them. All these panels where it's just him intently observing their interactions, and cursing his own situation.

This is why what happens later happens.

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You have to love how wrinkly he looks and how judgmental those angels are looking at him.

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You know, Griffith had two guys who could shred through entire bodies in plate armor like it was nothing. The Band of the Hawk really was quite extraordinary. I don't know wtf Corkus brought to the table though.

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oh hi Nagai

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At least he is self aware.

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I mentioned in a previous thread, but as an early recruit, Corkus had the most immediate value. An experienced thief, a decent swordsman, the leader of a gang of young men, shrewd but eager to advance. He also turned out to be one of Griffith's most loyal men.

well that escalated quickly

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why the fuck would you create an army unit drafted from criminals? sounds like a terrible idea

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welcome to Berserk

Well I learned something new today.

I love this page. This and when he punches out the horse, and parries Guts with a stick, zero skill and pure reflexes. Wyald is the best, fuck the anime for habitually dodging best boy.

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First time I saw this monkey it got my blood boiling with anger, now it's no different

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Not much good for fighting, but very good at putting down resistance.

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Cute girl!


did Guts just dab on the corpse of the chick who gave Griffith flowers? What a dick...

can you please not post pictures in a thread like this?

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Why he drafted criminals isn't really the problem, the king makes it clear that if he hadn't been death afraid of Wyald he would have had them punished. And the Black Dogs weren't particularly good soldiers, they were just lead by an apostle. If Borbo had been their leader they would have been ended quick.

Fun things are fun indeed

Just fucking turn back, dumbass.

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what a happy family :) hope nothing wrong happens with them

no helping it user, im mad

dont know about that, but its probably one of the reasons nobody wanted to adapt this arc

It’s because of the violent bloody rape & indiscriminate pillaging.

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That's a cute Casca.

I like the fact that he's a hypocrite. He finds all this fun because to him it's like a game. He can lose but he can't die. He can keep playing until he wins. Everyone else, they're just pieces.

How often does it work out when you try and be funny? Do people laugh often or no?

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i feel you actually. literally no one likes this filler and it's a waste of time

Because you have criminals sitting in your jails and could make them do something useful instead. This isn't some shit Miura made up.