ITT: Good characters stuck in a bad show

ITT: Good characters stuck in a bad show

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>mirai nikki

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basically every character

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If your character was so good how come it didn't elevate the show into a good one?

It's the other way around.

Either the character was cut out of the plot or had little screen time.

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That was just overall good things stuck with bad destination

I want to punch him so much

Specifically, a good villain waster in a bad show

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You can't clap with one hand

>pic not related

Her show was good. S2 was just really rushed
This one is true

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>Not a show just about her and Araragi flirting with each other and getting really lewd at moments

This should be illegal.


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That's slapping, not clapping

same character

At least I'm not the only one thinking that Nao and Shinoa are similar.


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except it is

it blows.

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I liked gendou much more

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also correct.