Tower of God anime

Episode 5 is out now!!!!
Androssi is literrally perfect in the anime
The best girl of the season

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Will Yoru stop being a pussy now?

>androssifag is too stupid to make distinctions between Androssi and Hwaryun

wait 3 or 4 episode

I like more Hwa, but Androssi in this episode had me drooling out.

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>Tower of Gook

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He was never a pussy.
Just autism.

Produced and animated by japanese so Anime

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Based user and i admit that hwa ryun body is very hot

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The only reason these threads live is because of Rachel desu.

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Human Rak

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>threads are all ESLs and waifufags
Really gets the noggin joggin

Not buff enough.

>Cosplaying Hatsu

god I thought hero fags were the most obnoxious fanbase on this website, way to be proven wrong, why do you retards need to keep spamming the same fucking thread ? there was an episode 5 discussion already, it got like 500 replies, why keep spamming god fucking damn it

>not big enough
>not tan enough
>not muscular enough

this is the 6th thread about ToG episode 5 user

One autistic guy keeps making new threads, we just roll along because we have nothing better to do.

I know, right, if only people talking about worldbuilding and characters' motives wouldn't derail them then it'd be perfect.

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Gustang a cuck

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To the retard who didn't understand the steel eel test and the 400 people on the second floor, go suck a dick.

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>tower of SIMP
Just when I thought there couldn't be a more unbearable main character than Deku

The Ultimate Katana folded over 9000 times!

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>draw a girl
>call it a boy

So GI Joe is anime too?


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Who are you guys? Japanese boomers still butthurt about Korean independence?

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really sad when he dont use anymore this
fuck that part in the webtoon was amazing

Stop being such a faggot for Rachel, my god.

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I need lewds of these two asap