What's the verdict? Is the remake worth watching?

What's the verdict? Is the remake worth watching?

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It has yet to end to be judged.

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I really wish that the character designer was not Kuroko no Basuke's,

It's not awful but there is no point in watching it

Even if it's fine what's the point? Why want for a remake to come out when you could just watch the original? Why watch a remake when you've already seen the original? You could be using that time to watch something else.

yeah, seems like some WC3 Regorged shit


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Use that time to read the novel instead.

>stronger ending
>presentation is often lifeless
>voice acting is incredibly stiff
>emotional beats don't follow through
>music is tone deaf at times

>less orchestral and grand
>more cinematic
>more dynamically directed
>much improved voice acting

More like more melodramatic voice acting as opposed to normal conversation

>Some people here keep referring the OVA as the original despite both the OVA and TV are an adaptation from a same source.

Happens with a lot of anime adapted from sources that aren't manga. The OVA is still the most widely known entry in the franchise and the thing most people are likely to have watched compared to having read the books. It's less egregious to me than people doing the same thing with other series that are adapted from say a LN. Though comparing two anime to each other is better to do than comparing an anime to a book.

>music is tone deaf at times
>voice acting is incredibly stiff
not true at all

I can't stomach the artstyle of the remake, I'll just stick with the old one.

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The presentation of the Westerland Dilemma in DNT left much to be desired compared to the original.

Also, the new designs for many of the characters isn't that great. Just look at Mittermeyer for example. He's like ~10 years older than Reinhard. You could tell that in the OVA but in DNT he looks like he's Reinhard's younger brother.

Also DNT Oberstein looks like Levi Ackerman from SnK. Kek.

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The fuck is wrong with Oberstein and Reuental's hair in the new anime

The OVA music fits perfectly for what they are trying to do.
The Battle of Amlitzer with Dvorak's 9th Symphony is a GOAT moment.


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In the OVA, of the voiced characters, not a SINGLE ONE had the same haricut and they had haircuts that made sense in the military, ie, not long or hair on forehead.

yeah, 2018 designs are really bad compared to the OVA
much less expressive, full of ugly sameface and everyone's hair looks like they have seaweed or banana peels hanging off their heads

I really hate how oberstein does not try to shield reinhard from ansbach in dnt, it was a pretty good character moment imo

It's a bit of a mixed bag, but it is worth watching I think, especially for people that are turned off by old artstyle, some things it does better than the ovas and some things are worse. The biggest fuck up by far is that they chose Kuroko's artist to do the character designs, I have no fucking idea why they chose him, the dude is terrible.

Fuckboy Cazzelnu gets me every time. The family man.

Unlike the original, the remake actually has animation

Cazelnu was the GOAT on the >F>P>A side. Were it not from his god tier logistic skills, Yang would have folded in minutes.

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Because fujos. Otherwise nobody would be interested in the show. Space opera is pretty much a dead genre.

it's ok, but there is no reason to not just watch the original

Why watch the original when you could read the actual original?

When I watched the OVA I didn't even know the books were translated. I thought they weren't. And if I was going to go and read some books, LOGH probably wouldn't be my first choice anyway.

It's a good way to get people that can't stand old artstyle at least, watched it with my sister because she refused to watch the OVAs and she loved it, she's a fujo so that helped too.

>accusing someone of being Yas Forums while posting wojak

It's nice to see logistics being given their due credit in LOGH. On the empire side best admiral Mecklinger was relevant because of that.

That's a strange distinction to make. You don't regard series as series but rather as a component of the medium they exist in?
If there's a manga or anime I want to check out I always see if there is a LN, VN, or actual novel first.
Can't beat the original experience.

The OVA had better and more ship designs, with different ships acting different roles like in a real fleet. In DNT they just look like some copy paste job and the battles in the OVA had more "sense of order", if I could call it that.

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I usually go for the original too but like I said, I didn't think the books were translated when I decided to watch the OVA. Though anime being based on non-LN books isn't very common I don't think, or at least I don't come across it very often.

Why would you when the original already exists?

But I like the more orchestral and grand music, so I for me the remake's music is a downgrade.

>voice acting is incredibly stiff
user have you gone to a doctor lately? You really should seek help.


>not /ouradmiral/ Eisenach
Reinhard literally promoted him because he saw his logistics skills during his black ops mission in FPA territory as a Commander while captaining a cruiser

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Are all of the books translated yet?

They apparently are. I haven't bothered checking but I was told before that they were when I said I didn't think they were.

No. Unless you know Jap, the only full experience for foreigners is the OVA