I love onee-chans!

I love onee-chans!
Even NBR ones with lots of sexual tension

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Pick one and only one.

Will Ume draw them having sex?

It'll take decades at the rate the manga comes out but it'll be bed breaking considering you could cut the sexual tension with a knife

NBR can love you like a real one user

Just Fuck Already - the manga

I thought Roankun retired from manga translation?

Me too lad

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literally what tension

Why must Ume slave away for gacha?

literally the name of the manga

Why is the release schedule so retarded?

Ume-sensei likes to make you wait for it.

How many babies?

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magazine comes out only like two or three times a year

12+, make Abe happy

Lmao what kind of manga magazine is that? Quarterly

the blue balling kind

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What the fuck, I didn't know Ume did hetshit. Disappointing as fuck.

I love Ume-Sensei!

Is marriage between step brothers allowed in Japan?

>not knowing the full extent of her perversion
Poor user

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I thought she understood male characters and any relationships involving them are garbage. Can't say I'll see her works the same after learning this.

she likes high school girls but she knows that they are for men
its how it should be



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Get out, knock-off Homu.

Tatsuya x Madoka when?

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So what do you guys think will come off the family drama? Will their dad and mom agree to their relationship?

pretty sure dad already knows

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and this was chapter 4

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