Okay. This shit is better than drugs

Okay. This shit is better than drugs.

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Why do you spam this shit series several times every single day? Fucking shill.

It's good food Alex.

Nigga, I'm peddlin drugs over here. Move over.


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Why are you infesting the threads stupid little shit?

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Bless you guys. Can you increase the pace? The wait is painful.

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>corona reference
Sasuga, Norio-sensei

This. You are amazing guys, but the wait is so painful.

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Did I miss the chapter where Ichi flips up his hair? I feel like I’ve seen it many times but I don’t remember ever seeing TL’s.

>"Say if I .... Turned into a zombie, could you kill me? or not? "
>Let's larp about it psycho midget
....Hmmm, I see.
So she's gonna fuckin' die afterall huh.

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Not translated yet.

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chapters are coming out every couple days.
Threads will slow down again once they catch up.

>corona reference
How so? Aren't they just Chinese zoms? Is it in the moonrunes?

That user is just thinking too much. She's just dressed like with a chinese dress.
This pic is why that user got tricked

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shit art
shit manga


>I skipped over the team page so many times I never noticed there was a discord server
I have greatly enjoyed this series but I just wanna know one thing.
On a scale of 1/10 how autistic is it on that discord server?

How embarrassing!


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I should make a new discord account

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On the one hand, I don't want this to get popular, because cancerous fandom is so irritating.

On the other hand, if it does get popular, it'll get more fanart and better doujins.

The eternal dilemma.

>if it does get popular, it'll get more fanart and better doujins.
It's not going to get better doujins. Good doujins only come out of super popular series, like mega popular. And it won't get that high.

get outta here, you yurinigger.

Alas. I can dream...

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Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby