With the series ending in a day, never forget! Our Queen of loneliness was forever better than the crazy, savage explosion girl.

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>huge ending to a very popular series
>admit the original WN ending was rushed and the new will be better
>literally copy paste the WN ending
What a fucking hack

Spoilers? where are the spoilers??

It needs some sort of sequel if it's going to end like that.

Its a harem end no mini megumins or sex scenes

Did aqua and darkness ever lose their first kiss virginity?

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>No season 3
>not even a hint or rumor
>stuck with isekai quartet til they get bored of it and konosuba dies for good
What a fucking hellscape this world is

Megumin is zoomies.

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Aqua is crying :(
this is from the new volume no idea why shes crying

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Im excited for the last volume anyway. And that twitter thing hinted at more smaller scale stuff in the future, that may be why the Demon King's Daughter is a thing.

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The ending is the exact same as the beta, goes home, harem comes with him, life is even more hellish since magic isn't in this place, gets arrested

Is a literal copy paste holy shit i cannot believe that he actually did it.
If this is how it all ends he can fuck himself if he thinks im gonna buy his other shit after this

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just why

>The ending is crappy yeah so I'll change it in the real thing!
>Years go buy and people make him lots o money
>Fuck you faggots i'm ending it the same way

HAHAHAHA oh wow, I wonder if the SAO author is gonna do that,too. beta online ended with them slaughtering the chinese,Americans and the Koreans in some game Kirito and Asuna become gods and fuck off from reality and life goes on as normal for the cucked out harem and everyone else .

LN Spoiilers obviously

Darkness confesses to Kazuma after tying him up and when Kazuma turns her down she makes him close his eyes and kisses him

I will only accept this shitty copy paste if there is spinoffs and sequels and shit.
Otherwise this is a fucking disaster

At least the Shingeki no Kyojin author had the balls to reach for the heavens
Fuck LNs and fuck Kado

This is great because it will make Megumemefags seethe so hard, based Aqua will win Kazumabowl in both WN and LN

Isn't the creator a woman though?

Which volumes are skippable? Want to catch up before the final one releases and I’m already on vol8

No idea what the fuck is going on with this little amount of butthurt, I'll surely enjoy it tho

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>harem end
Is Aqua a part of it?

We are fucked guys.

>gets arrested
What why?

Basically no point reading the LN as it ends the exact same way as the WN, buyfags are pissed cause they paid money for literally free shit.

Volume 10. Useless shit

Sure, he suffers from creative exhaustion due to writing 4 different stories. Sure, you can't blame him for keeping some of the bits the same. But,
>SEVEN fucking years
Why, just why do authors make open endings? You set out to write a story and a story needs a conclusion. It's just fucking immature to leave things be. For fucks sake, Natsume said he does not wish to continue writing this title and he still keeps an open ending. What a fucking trainwreck. He better redeem himself and make an epilogue short story or some shit.

I assume being with Megumin got him into problems

I'm hoping that by ''changing'' the rushed ending meant that he wants to do a sequel instead of just short stories and that's it, this has potential for more after all.

You should figure it out with this thread alone what happened blonde Aqua, everyone knew the ending years ago.

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His harem are now in his world user, do you really think those retards wouldn't get arrested by the japanese police at some point? they don't have powers there, they are normal girls there

I have been telling you for years that it will be the same ending and you didn't want to believe it.

What a fucking disaster i cannot believe he fucking chickened out of Kazuma settling down and having a family

>blonde Aqua

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Does Kazume end up with Yunyun?

He said he’ll probably continue writing afterwards. It’s just the main story that’s complete

It's a common mistake of japanese authors. They can begin their stories, but a lot of them can't end it properly. Maybe it's because of their culture, too afraid of angry fans.

10, 12 &15. I would tell you to skip 7 too if you hadn’t already read it

>all his other story range from average to flops
>Konosuba makes him incredibly rich but end the series whith a half assed copy paste ending
Jesus fucking christ you would think after all these years he would do right by the fans and give us a big actual ending instead of this open ended horseshit

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Because I'm stick of being backstabbed by shitty jap writers.
This happens with so many anime, manga series. Non committal, inconclusive endings.
Konosuba isn't even the first LN to end like this, all fucking LNs are ending like this except Oreimo.
Fuck, does that make Oreimo the greatest LN of all time? To actually make the dirty choice?

>Kazuma ends up with the most normal character
lmao based

Yes. but then she gets pregnant and you know the rest.

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I wonder how will the nips react to this. Surely they won't eat up the same shit again, right?

>all fucking LNs are ending like this
Like what? Following the WN?

It's kinda based when you think about it, kinda like the Haruhi author despite pleds to continue writing the series just took the royalty money and left the franchise on hiatus