User, I.... I want to.... with you.... I.... ahh....ahh

user, I.... I want to.... with you.... I.... ahh....ahh....

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Shut the fuck up Wormslut

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>this kills the rhino

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Still used goods, she can only get pleasure from the worms now

>I posted it again

So you base our relationship with sexually activities? Im not a whore and no. I expect better of you. Honestly I hope that you will get better, you need help and im here as a friend, not a lover.


Sorry, I can't hear you over all the worms in your vagina.

So, none?

Fuck off wormbitch. Where's Illya?

She's dead.

I'll love Sakura forever and ever

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Gonna go Mind of Steel route then.

Not choosing Sakura also means not choosing Illya you fucking secondary

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Knowing myself that could only be insults.

>Illya is a cuck
Like mother, like daughter.



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>Sakura? Sakura are you ok!? Are you choking!?!? Oh my god she's choking! Somebody help her! I'll dial 911!! OH GOD, SHE'S DEAD ISN'T SHE!? SHE'S FUCKING DEAD... WHYYYYY GOD!? TAKE ME INSTEAAAAAD!!!!

>Sorry, I only date worm men now.

Illya should've had her own route.

Nobody likes worm men

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I don't want anything to do with m-m-m-oeb-b-b-b-b-lobs who... can't... talk... in a non retarded way.

>shinji's sloppy seconds
No, thanks.

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Who was in the wrong here?
Rhino & Rednigger or Worm & Wormlover

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t. Normalfaggot without social anxiety

>not wanting to be hole brothers with best boy

Utilitarianism is bad. You can't put a price to human lives

She won, plain and simple

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desu i cant say. But the better question how would you feel meeting your self from the past anons ?

What about Deen's UBW? What happened there?

Most of Yas Forums agrees that Rin >= Saber >> Sakura

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