So, this there any news on a new chapter anytime soon? Also do you think he'll live to complete it?

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Yes, there actually is this time. There'll be a new chapter in the next week and a half or so. More exposition, more bitching from Yas Forums.

Oh nice, do we have details on it?

No, I personally do not believe we will see Berserk completed, let alone completed in a satisfactory manner.

Other than that it's coming out about two weeks after the release of the previous chapter, not really. Chapter ended with Skull Knight finally approaching Guts and striking up a conversation. And you know what Skull Knight does: He explains the plot. Also he's potentially a Greek style Daemon or noble phantasm or whatever, likely of King Gaiseric. So we finally have a slightly better idea what his deal is.

How many chapters do you think it would take?

Sauce? I want to believe...

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>There'll be a new chapter in the next week and a half or so

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Personally, I don't think there will be a satisfactory ending without another 100 or so chapters. Remember, we still know barely anything about the God Hand. We barely know anything about this world, really. I'm not saying I want a full blown volume of lore breakdown, but I'd like to understand the enemy at least.
My assumption is that's what Skull Knight is about to do, explain some shit.

>week & a half

got a reliable source to back that claim up user?

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Guts and Skull Knight fucking go fishing while talking about their pasts.

True, maybe they should release a novel explaining all that if they don't want to use the manga for it.

Often it's better to show not tell and leave some mystery open

There's show don't tell, and then there's die before you show anything explanatory

Nevermind, I'm retarded and fucked up. The user I saw say that was confused . He confused the next YA release date (May 9th) with the next Berserk release date. I saw him say that, thought he knew something I didn't and got excited. Back to misery.

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>current year
Do we have an updated version for 2020? Does last year follow the curve?

It's back on hiatus for another 6 months. Where did you hear about another chapter?

you got my hopes up only to kill it



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Can he end the manga before he dies?

I doubt it

He is already dead, he go the virus.
That why pic related was the last line he ever wrote on Berserk

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nope unless he gets a studio to work on it and do more

There have been 0 updates in 2020 so far though

We got a chapter this April you retard.

stop that we're going to get a chapter soon I swear

So how has berserk schedule been? Does miura release at least 1 chapter a year?

Nice try, Miura's wife, we won't buy your stuff

>Nevermind, I'm retarded and fucked up

aww user don't say that

Really dodged a bullet with this one.
He really should have changed carreers in 2010. Or quit while he was ahead in the 2000s. How does he even keep himself fed?

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I assume young animal have a contract that pays him independently from how many chapters he puts out
Considering that its a literal who magazine, everytime berserk releases a chapter it must be a huge boost for them