Character says lolicon

>character says lolicon
>subtitles read pedophile

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>OP chooses to make this garbage


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lolicon is just a japanese word for pedophile

A lolicon is attracted to little girls
A pedo is attracted to little girls

Why do pedophiles get offended by this?

>Yas Forums has a form to create new threads

Tell me user, what is the Japanese word for "pedophile"?



2D vs 3D



>character says lolibaba
>subtitles read pedo granny

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I mean it's true, if you fap to loli you're basically a pedo

cope. lolicon = pedofile. there's nothing wrong with it

I'm new at being a lolicon, what anime is Nishimura Rika from?

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lolicon is an english word, retard
it's short for lolita complex, not some arcane japanese spell

Wouldn’t it just be translated as lolicom

Complex doesn't mean the same thing in English as it does in Japanese. In English a lolita complex is the complex that Lolita had, being a young girl who was attracted to middle aged men.

Not quite, because japs also called it lolicon and something else. So why would you say pedophile in otaku culture or anime nonetheless?

Being a pédophile doesn't just involve sex but mutilation, bondage and humiliation all without the consent of the victim and its not your 14 years old fantasy but childrens under the age of 12 sometimes very young.

So there is definitely something wrong with it. Pedos enjoy children suffering.

>3dpd loving
He has a shitty taste

It's the translation.

Stop involving 3DPD shit you fucking pest. 2D only matters

What's the word for someone who wants to have loving consensual sex with a kid?

Lolicon means lolicon in Japanese. There is a actual word for pedophile in japanese.

>mutilation, bondage and humiliation
None of these are implied when using the word pedophile. Having sex with a child is the "suffering" by itself. The act itself being harmful to the child is why it's illegal and even outside of the view of the law stigmatized. The actual validity of this idea is arguable but that's the idea.

have you read lolita by nabokov?

A man

It's a poor translation. Lolicon is a word you can use more casually in Japan than pedophile is in English.
If a japanese person freely can refer to themselves as a lolicon, without risk to their life, then pedophile is a poor translation, because they have different meanings. Especially in an otaku context. An anime about otaku culture should use "lolicon", because that's the word for the same thing that's used by the English speaking otaku community too.

Lots of English speakers casually refer to themselves as pedophiles. You can even find examples of it in this very thread.

Stop involving 3DPD. This shit happening all the tine since 2016

>If a japanese person freely can refer to themselves as a lolicon, without risk to their life, then pedophile is a poor translation, because they have different meanings
You have to take into account that the beautify of little girls and attraction to them is significantly more tolerated in Japan than it is in most other countries. I don't think the words are what make the difference, it's instead the difference on how taboo liking little girls is.

Where's the lie?

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Only ironic weebs who just discovered lolis get mad about it. Go to any lolicon forum (e.g. lolibooru, ATF, lolicit), most of them admit being pedos.
>muh 小児性愛者
The difference between ロリコン and 小児性愛者 is the same as the difference between gay and homosexual. You know nothing about how Japanese people use the word lolicon. I fucking hate westerners who don't know the language talking about shit they have no clue about.

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>character says lolicon
>subtitles read pedophile

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Shh, don't let the 外人 know.

>board that spends all its time complaining about translations doesn't actually understand the meanings of the things it is upset about
color me shocked

Accurate translation