The way eyelashes are drawn in this show with globs of white makes their look like they're squinted when they're meant to be closed. Once you see it you can't stop noticing it.

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why is hana such an uptight bitch

>"I'll Do Anything" tickets
Anything, you say?

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Just read the small print, loser.

Of course. There's always some kind of catch.

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The three dots of white on the eyelashes makes it look like the whites of the eyes, even though I think it's meant to be light

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So what is the small print?

That whatever it is, it has to be lewd

She has the tightest loli pussy

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Doesn't work for me.

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Like handholding?

Wataten was so wholesome.

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>look like they're squinted
Holy shit the first accurate anime!

I see it now, but there being multiple dots generally breaks up the look of narrow squinting.

I think it's because there two dots at each end. It annoyed me to the point I had trouble watching the show anymore, but I have ocd and get fixated on these small things that don't bother anyone else.

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I can't see it.

But that's racist, user.

>tfw i was there
will we ever get something this hype again?

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This anime would be far better if instead of the creepy fat lesbian pig stalker, it was a handsome onii-chan taking care of the lolis


bro, me too...

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t. ugly dyke

I as well.

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Is this real? Fucking nice.


keikaku dori

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>Recognising that different races have different features is racist
Okay, reddit.

She is so beautiful

with fingers interlocked...

>not getting the joke