Is she supposed to be araragi but a girl?

is she supposed to be araragi but a girl?

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Does she molest little children?

>Araragi but a girl
Nah that's a different character you'll see later
Kanbaru and Araragi are just similar in a lot of ways, that's all

Well his sisters yeah.

Is she a dyke or not? She reads yaoi and enjoys to tease the mc

she is a dyke but it's not uncommon for gays to read yuri.

>araragi but a girl
That's Math, have you even read the novels?

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Still not in this part but i need to know: Why this character does not have an animal symbol or something like the others? Nothing supernatural happens in her arc?

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Are you gay for watching lesbian porn?

Im pretty sure that anons implication was ,that she could be straight cuz she likes man-on-man porn


Araragi's supernatural stupidity reaches new heights

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This comparison doesn't make sense

boys love audience are interested in boys

Lesbian porn audience are interested in women


>Nothing supernatural happens in her arc?
As far as I know she wasn't possessed by any oddities and it kind of is the point that her issues are brutally real as in they seem supernatural, but they are not.

>araragi but a girl
Did you even watch the anime?

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I'm still working my way through it

when she had a chance with the girl that was collecting the devil parts she didn't do anything, but she did regret it, later iirc.

Rouka was too alpha for Kanbaru

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No, Monogatari is just a series where everyone shares an important trait with Araragi which serves as the basis for his interactions with them.
Kanbaru is degeneracy, Yozuru is justice Sodachi is math etc.

She was a ghost though. You can't fuck a ghost.

What's gahara? Just general love? Also what are some of the traits the other main characters share with him in your opinion, I never thought of that so I'm interested

Hitagi is equally autistic about social interactions

You can at least fondle a ghost as seen with Hachikuji.

She was a higher ranking ghost though, wasn't she?

I can certainly derive that with snail is his emotion of not wanting to go back home because it's spelled out for you.

Senjougahara is supposed to be his normality to counter Shinobu's abnormality but we all low-key know it's just Araragi getting his masochism activated by Senjou's S side.

Ougi is Araragi, ok. But her personality is very diferent comparing to Araragi. Kanbaru sometimes is more similar to Araragi in some ways and thats what make their friendship so nice to see, they compliment each other.
Ougi is the oddity that comes from Araragi's regrets, but do you really think that she is literally a female version of him?

if they fuck would it be masterbation?

>tfw you will never have a tulpa created of your regrets because your loli slave eats her ex in front of you but he's also been eating other girls and now he's full of monkey inadvertently causing your tulpa to be a mish-mash of your Kouhai's dead mother/your loli slave/your kouhai and yourself.
Life sucks, why even live?

>Life sucks, why even live?
Because suicide is for cowards.

I've only watched season 1 but Kanbaru was by far the most interesting character, every scene that she took part in was massively improved

I dunno, man. It takes a lot of balls to actually kill yourself. You have to override every single natural instinct you have as a human to do it which is nigh impossible.

She's great in owarimono too, has some quality scenes with Araragi and Shinobu too

wasn't she a ghost of a ghost though?