Princess Connect

I had mixed feelings after first two episodes, but this one was great. such a comfy show.

We need a Manaria style spin-off next.

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cute pits

It is very comfy, actually it's the show I like watching this season the most.

The female characters look great but the MC looks like a total faggot. Can I enjoy this if I don't self-insert?

>user can't chop wood and resents MC

He's literally a retarded side character who says two sentences per episode at most.

They are not build for BBC.

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Indeed. They are build for giant insect cock.

Nah, it doesn't need it. Not all harem shows benefit from having yuribait spinoffs.

Anyone else thinks her tail is very small? Anyway I love that hairstyle exposing her cute nape.

This one 100% would though. There are too many girls for one series. There are actually far too many for two.


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imagine having to feed Pecorine

I found this literal 1-digit IQ retard MC more tolerable than shonenshitters like naruto or asta

>I had mixed feelings after first two episodes, but this one was great.
so fuck episode 3 I guess

She's actually one of the most boring girls in game. Give me magic academy spin off.

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Haven't watched this yet, is it following the main story from the game?

I need to tongue her anal hole

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I misspelled Yuuki's name on google and found out that priconne has a trap named Yuki

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It follows their guild story with some added stuff.


He has a female body but talks and acts like a guy.

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He's literally the cutest retard in this show.

Peco and Yui are shit
literally anyone else would be better main heroines

She reminds me of just how much I love Miku Itou's voice

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someone post kokkoro doing laundry with her feet


if he's even comparable to those guys that tells me all I need to know.

Are you retarded or something? This anime won't even have 1/4 of all girls and most will have one episode role.

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I can see moni's developing here

>konosuba died for this

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Only thing she grows 10 years later are tits. She's pretty much the same height.

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