Kengan Omega


Imagine not putting all your points into DEX.

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el chupacabra...

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I bet that the only people who can figure out Carlos' 'tell' or an other opportunity/weakness are Kazuo and Koga, which will influence the match in some way or Gaolang will just job to showcase the threat of Purgatory.

If Kaneda is there too, we can have 3 Kengan-related people able to have best capability to comment on this match.

if he is a legend why wasnt he mentioned even once in previous series

Because he wasn't thought of yet, duh.

Wait until the 3rd series where "the most powerful man on Earth" shows up. Every character would be shocked and in awe, since he was a legend that went into isolation to further develop his craft and nobody knows where he is. That's why even though he's the most powerful man on Earth with the best martial art that nobody could him could master was never once mentioned or hinted at by anybody in the series.

>Wait until the 3rd series
4th. Fist of the Seeker was the 1st series.
Kengan Omega is almost as much a sequel to Fist of the Seeker as it is to Kengan Asura.

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can he do anything other than give people bloody noses though?

I thought Samato, Tanktop and the Chrollo-looking dude were bad news. But now I expect then to be even more ridiculous. Anyways how many chapters do you think this fight will last anons?

liver blow, heartbreak shot, jolt counter.

If he can give you a bloody nose with 1 punch, imagine what would happen with 5, 10, or 20. Breaking your nose hampers you a lot.

i don't have 5 or more noses though, user, i only have one

I can't imagine he could do much against a defence specialist like Seki, or even against natural tanks like Julius/Waka. He'd be some good training for adamantine kata though.

Gaolang isn’t pure STR though, his punches are also fast as hell.

nose is super fragile and kengan fighters are tanks that can fight at close to 100% with injuries that should have killed them.

>Not having a dump stat



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I can't believe we got takamura in kengan omega

Carlos just got rid of his STR to be able to have a good challenge


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because he's in purgatory, not in kengan or mainstream sports

I hope Mask guy is the strongest purgatory fighter, he looks cool. Also when will based Setsuna make his return and claim Ohma as his wife?

>Also when will based Setsuna make his return and claim Ohma as his wife?
>He doesn't know

top 3

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he was a boxer champion his whole life moron

>samato not in top 3
Opinion discarded

The skeletons aren't ryuki must be going wild

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But Seki said that Yumigahama was the top class of purgatory right before he told Koga he’d support him to get a spot in the tournament. Seki is never wrong!


No way tank top is not in top 3. Samato might be fourth