Black or tanned?

black or tanned?

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Faggot or retard?

it's op, so both

For that, I'd say tanned.

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It' almost always tanned, even if you don't think it is.

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Come out you blacks and tans and fight me like a man.

Seems legit. Though sometimes it's because Japanese artists intend for a character to be an ethnicity but don't know how to emphasize different facial features without it looking weird and unappealing. Especially with regards to female characters.

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>negroid features are unattractive
You don't say.

Why would anyone want to fight you?

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There's ways to draw them without it looking badly drawn, whatever your opinion on those features in general is. This is less along the lines of 'Ew black people' and more along the lines of, 'there's little variation in the types of faces I know how to draw.' Could be both though I guess.

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Tanned, if you are bored she can go back to her original color. Plus, tan lines

This isn't drawn black lul, this is Japanese with a new colour pallete.

Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders.

Aye. There was an attempt.

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The only small variations that work are bigger lips and nappy hair. Almost all other black facial features ruin the design.

Always assume tan unless clearly told otherwise.

Gyaru, so tanned.

Some can actually pull off small facial, jawline and head shape variations decently. It's rare, but it happens. Or at least it's tried.

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A nicer example of someone whose style was effective for displaying those types of differences is Me and the Devil Blues.

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It’s both cute and canon

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They’re so adorable!!!

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What argument are you making here, that she's tanned or this is natural skin colour?

They’re cute together!

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I hope you continue to support their love ️

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The darker the girl the better, that's just a fact.

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Too dark

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Not dark enough you mean!

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Raihan is the gayest most zoomer trainer to be in pokemon

If would only go black if it were for a thin dark skinned girl who reads books.

Never met one.

Raihan is straight! And not a zoomer

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>Ir*sh Republicans worshipping terrorists yet again