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Chapter 15. A story about a dorky country bumpkin making friends in the city.

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Thanks for this OP. I was about to make a thread but here you are. If anyone is reading my post, let this dump of Ch 15 convince you to pick up skip to loafer

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No problem . I love this series.

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>shy, insecure mika-chan
What is this feeling in my tummy

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Once again, auntie is best boy.

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God tier manga. I understand you're not getting many hits every dump, but you're doing God's work all the same.

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And that's it. Cute chapter, aside from Ririka.

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I hated mika at first as well, but now I have a soft spot for her. Hopefully takamatsu will pull through and let us sympathize with ririka

Ririka needs to get the fuck out of my cute and wholesome manga.

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