Based Sakura doesn't care when a human almost drowns but starts breaking tha glass when the penguin is in danger

Based Sakura doesn't care when a human almost drowns but starts breaking tha glass when the penguin is in danger

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There are maybe 40 million penguins in the world, and many penguin species are endangered.
Meanwhile, there are close to 8000 million people in the world.

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penguins don't have souls so it's allright

you dont have soul

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Yukito is a grooming pedophile.

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That's Yue, Yukito only cares about Touya.

But look at those eyes, that's how a hunter gazes at its prey

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Maybe he likes fish too much?

Sakura is just a dumb bitch.

Shut up, Meilin.

Literal retard

Meilin is unironically a way better girl, Syaoran has shit taste.

Kero-chan has only one eye.

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Meilin is great and became even better after she resigned Syaoran and stopped being a tryhard. That being said Sakura is a much better fit for Syaoran (heck, Tomoyo is a better fit for Syaoran than Meilin).

It's been over fifteen years since I've seen the show so I effectively have no point of reference, manga or anime?



Bones high quality animation

Fair enough, thanks for your help.
Is Clear Card any good?

Haven't watched it
Looks bad, atleast not as good

In that case, I'll leave it in my "watch if there's nothing else" section of my backlog.

Okay, I looked it up.
You can see from one picture that it's worse, looks absolutely soulless
I have also heard that it was a disappointment

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Jeez, it really doesn't look good at all.
I might check out the manga, though.

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No it's canonically establish that Yukito is a flaming homo who only gets hard for her brother. He even reacts to Sakura's confession by saying that she only likes him cause she has a father complex and that's not romantic love. Then Sakura guesses that he's in love with Toya and he confirms it.

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AFAIK wasn't Yukito attracted to Sakura's brother because he could see spirits and other supernatural beings or was that completely unrelated?


>tfw no Tomoyo daughteru

I think you're mixed up with Syaoran being attracted to Yukito because of their mutual inclination toward moon magic or whatever.

The Clear Card manga is fine but they went full retard with the anime. If you decide to not read the original manga there's a few story points that they didn't adapt that are pretty easy to just learn and then you can read the Clear Card manga.