It's almost the birthday of our queen. Let's prepare to celebrate.

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The another thread is still work in progess.

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CGI Dragons soon...

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She's the Ace, not the Queen.

Uiharu fucks dogs

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Bejita fucks my wife

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9 episodes of Dream Ranker?
How many episodes this season?
Is it enough?

Dream ranker is like 20 manga chapters long and there's plenty of fat to cut if needed - it'll be okay

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Why is Index slurping semen?

She'll eat anything Touma feeds her.

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Stop trying to make me fall in love with this fartdemon dammit!

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He should feed her some cyanide then

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I want to fuck the edge out of this autist

Reminder that Kamikoto is TRUE endgame

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Her metabolism turns it into cinnamon.

Mikoto hasn't even met Kamisato yet, user

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My heart

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Isnt her birthday the 2nd? we're still two days away

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But the art is starting now.

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Accel just can't stop winning.

>#1 power
>#1 loli
>#1 pocket protector
>#1 Misaka clone
>#1 busty Misaka clone
>#1 normal Misaka clone
>#1 blonde magician
How does he do it?

So it wasn't just here that thought 545 was the tie