Explain this.

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Half of that is made out of pure tits. She's a literal Titty Monster.

half of it is in her breasts

Raita syndrome, take out the tits and she might as well be an ethiopian starvation victim

Helium balloons

low density silicons

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then gamotan is like 145cm?

Her tits only weight 15kg (62.5 big macs) so that's very reasonable. I don't see the issue

Omae wa, oppai da

She's also possessed by the ghost of a flat chick.

Glad to see we have some intellectuals around still

>tfw they translated the original version of that NTR doujin instead of the remake

Her tits are filled to the brim, just milk her a bit and her weight will drop by a couple of kilos

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If every woman on earth had the height:weight ratio of Amemiya Luna no man would ever go to war with another man.

Stella is biggggggggger

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>62.5 big macs
Stop forcing this unfunny meme

It's not meant to be funny, it's meant to be informative. With quarantine going on all I can think about is getting some McDonald's

No, you're an Yas Forums shitposter obsessed with America

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I'm American and I haven't even been to Yas Forums in like 10 years

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>68kg (10*2) / 29.4%
The world still deserves more girls that are the literal embodiment of hopes and dreams. Their stats are sure to provoke the human brain, thus further advancing our collective intellect.

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Magic... motherfucker!

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based Lady J, I miss them

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They are full of helium. That way you can explain the size and the weight

Chifusa will absorb all these tits

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japs can't into appropriate height and weight.

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>Has a blacked doujin

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>no Seikon no Qwaser except for a fodder character
C'mon, the series is about tiddies

Lightweight bones like the kind birds have.