What is this archetype called?

What is this archetype called?

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The best one.


autistic child

Screw you guys.

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Kill yourselves.

it's called attractive children

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Nice and round.

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Reminder Hina grew up to be best girl.

This is illegal, you know.

Stop the memes and fuck off ironic weeb

Fuck off, pedo.


My cakes will burn!

isn't hina a bit too old?

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She still acts like the others.

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We had this discussion before. We settled on Ruri type.

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Love half open eyes.

That cute sullen look. Very moe.

Which sub discord you came from, fucking retarded fag

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Die slow, pedo.

Maybe if you post p*do enough you will be with the cool guys soon.

Don't self censor, that's newfag shit.

Oh right, newfag. When you stop fitting in this hard.

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That attitude is probably why you keep self censoring and looking like a newfag straight from plebbit or twitter. It was cancer when you got here, it's still cancer now. Next someone will call me new for calling out emoticon usage.

>grew up
Automatically bars her from being the best.

Why are you so buttblasted you know, newfag? Been projecting your entire life?

Get the fuck out, retards.