Now that we know Overlord is ending on its 17th volume, would you say it was a mess which wasted its potential or a rushed masterpiece?

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What happens at vol 16?

huge time skips between chapters, important events off screened, more new irrelevant characters introduced in intermission, sasuga this sasuga that

>a mess which wasted its potential or a rushed masterpiece?
What is the difference?

I'm just glad this shit is over so I can get on with my life

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Good question

>Overlord and Konosuba end on the 17th volume
Join us in death skellyfags
>No more seasons
>endless Isekai Quartet Seasons
What a time to be alive

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>3 seasons
>2 seasons

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>Write books
>Grow to hate it
>Editors won't let you go out as you please

Konosuba got the movie, also
>acting like season 3 was some great triumph

fuck off aqua poster

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Overlord also got a movie, granted it was just season 1 stuff with more content.



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Wait, really? Both this and Konosuba ending at 17? Pure coincidence right?

And yet, isekai quartet lives on? Well I guess we should be grateful. At least we're guaranteed to hear these guys again for while longer?

Yes. Vol9 TL drop made me an alcoholic.
Akshtsualie 10 more seasons of chibis would be tremendous for both Overlord and Konosuba.

For Overlord - they should've done entire show in chibi instead of trying and failing animating it "normally"

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>Wanting more isekai Quartet
Please no more i cant fucking take anymore of that shit.
The only good thing i have ever got out of it is a million more Aqua images

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I meant separate chibi series, not quartet.

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Definitely both. It's pretty rough around the edges at times, but it's still pretty great. It would certainly be wasted potential if the setting is never revisited again. It'd be a damn shame to let all of that world-building go to waste. Still, I've already braced myself for any disappointments, which I've come to accept are more or less inevitable at this point. I love this series and not even a rushed ending will change that.




Maybe as the author continues to write he will rekindle his love for the series and will continue on past volume 17 like he originally planned. Right?

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Nino a best! Yotsuba a shit, a SHIT!

Albedo will never lose her virginity.

Nips are weird. It's like they don't ship and only watch shit for waifubait. Any MC that isn't skeleton without a dick or snipneless beta virgin - is considered a competition, not self-insert potential.

For a nation with so much NTR content I'd figure they would have thicker skip for shipping but no

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Good. Isekai Quartet doesn't get the right to finish until Shiroe and Maple become main characters alongside Naofumi and Seiya.


Jesus christ i hope the ending is better for you overlordfags than konosuba.
Its a literal copy pasted from the WN open ended harem end for konosuba

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>shieldfag being the main guy of anything but his dogshit show
Isekai quartet is only even remotely watchable because of Konosuba and Overlord and Tanya herself

Overlord was pretty shit desu