Why is Vinland Saga being compared to actually godlike Seinens like Berserk, Vagabond and Monster in quality again?

Why is Vinland Saga being compared to actually godlike Seinens like Berserk, Vagabond and Monster in quality again?

This manga had a BAD Baltic Sea Arc and is progressively moving in a bad direction. The character progression takes place in unrealistic manner for characters like Canute. Several timeskips happen which gives pseudo-character development over the time. It has extremely bad comedy tactics and indulges in accepting trannies in fucking 1600's. If anything this is just a "good" manga and shouldn't be hyped.

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Berserk isn't godlike

early berserk is

Because it's more edgy pseudo-realistic garbage that Yas Forums likes, like those other three.

Berserk has 3 Godlike arcs. It had a weak start with The Black Swordsman Arc but the later parts are all almost 10/10 arcs lol

Berserk only got better with time. What the fuck are you talking about?

t. schierke fag

Vagabond and Monster are pretty realisitc...

Berserk is supposed to be fantasy with a few realistic elements...

Schierke is an amazing character lmaoo. If anything I would have a complaint regarding Puck.

vagabond is boring


>Series with a Western-like setting with a strong start that eventually devolve into complete shit.
Explain how that is any way different from Berserk and Monster. Vagabond doesn't deserve to even be associated with the likes beyond "hurr farming arc".

whats godlike for you then user :v

Berserk and Monster got better with time and havent degraded? Monster has the best ending in any manga ever? Berserk's current arc is going in a positive direction with excellent writing as per usual and Miura is not sacrificing the quality because of the hitaus?

Why are you downplaying Vagabond? Farming Arc isn't even its best. It is Yoshioka Arc which is the best lol.

Year is 1100. 1600 was pirates of the caribbean.

Besides, farmland is kino and should be made into a movie to finish the animated series once and for all.

I really hope that was a typo

Farmland was the strongest arc by far, but it only make everything after that even more of a fucking disappointment

1100 indeed mb

Farmland Arc is the only one of the GOAT arcs. Prologue is great but Baltic Sea Arc is fucking bad so

>Tranny Saga

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btfo OP incel lmaooo

Still better than your shitty overhyped shonen

Vagabond is the only one of these that's still good

Been a while since I laughed this hard.


What exactly?

>Been going for 30 years
>Only good for the first 10
It's basically the Simpson of manga.

it was solid, but turned great in farmland, but since then, it's kinda been meandering.
I don't hate the current stories, I'm enjoying em well enough. But I don't think it'll ever reach that same heights again.

Thors has reached his character's apoapsis with farmland. There's not much else that can be done to him other than having him continue to realize his ideal Vinland, which would be a straight line to the end, or bring him down with something like his fleet dying, but that'd either be a character development reset or it would keep him with the same drive, only starting from zero.

I think to extrapolate on the challenges of realizing Vinland, Yukimura really should've have shown the party's journey all the way to Turkey, with Thors seeing new shit and learning along the way. The skip basically skipped him to the endstate of his arc.

how it got bad with time or how is it not godlike? lol

You got to be kidding me.
>Falcon of the Millennium is the best arc.
Golden Age is the beginning and Conviction acts as a great fucking thriller.

Millennium Falcon>Golden Age>=Conviction>>The Black Swordsman..

How did it get worse with time again? :v

I always knew that berserkfags are shonentards that like to pretend they are reading something mature.

I'm not sure when but I've definetely stopped enjoying this manga.

Berserk turned into shit since that gayass wolf-batman armor.

Learn to write without r*dditspacing please.

Why do you write like that?
And you left out Fantasia.

can you explain how fag?

it definitely is

using a gay ass phone to type right now. cant look at proper spaces... apologies.

fantasia is ongoing so i wont comment on it until its done

>how it got bad with time or how is it not godlike? lol
You type like a true underage retard who came from reddit. Kill yourself. And Berserk is cancer.

I've only read up to Vol 7 of the hardcovers, but Vinland is great.
I haven't continued reading it since November though.

>using a gay ass phone
Berserk plebians, everyone. You forgot your :v retarded smiley.

Pretty sure that guy is just falseflagging, user. Though, I will admit it there do seem to be some that consider Berserk to be some sort of literary masterpiece when in reality it's mostly just a rather shallow dark-fantasy world with two cool ideas and two great characters.

Have you not read it yourself? Berserk has plenty of tropes that would get shit on a shonen but since it's "dark" and has great art it gets a pass.

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>great art
more like polished turd art