That one thing that makes a show impossible to watch for you


I'd really like to watch this as everyone seems to enjoy it but I just can't.

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Slice of Life tag

That's some pretty shit taste you have there faggot.

Harem + Isekai combo

The original Kino no Tabi was episodic and it was really good...

But it only works episodically.
That's the entire point.
Fuck you and your shit taste ruining a great series for yourself.
Really, why let the formatting of something stop you from enjoying the content?

>Tsundere Love Interest

I gave it like 8 episodes user. It's just not for me.

It feels like there is literally no character development and no greater story, major plot points or twists of events.

Also bothers me that every character apart from the MC is just an extra and I don't give a fuck about any of them or their problems.


Ah, it's just incurable shit taste.

Unimaginably garbage taste.

He just doesn't like the genre in general I guess


>episodic bad
>im incapable of apreciating the art, the characters or the music so i need a lineal plot to keep me invested
Found the bingewatcher idiot

Those animal mascots in precure really piss me off for some reason

Dont listen to these retards. Mushishi does in fact end up slowly gaining an overarching story plot. It isnt a major "to be continued next time" style but it evolves beyond the pure daily episode style. You should read the manga. It is the exact same as the anime but way less slow paced and at one point had double the content. I know they adapted some of it later, not sure if they did it all or not.

You'll like episodic anime more as you get older. Finding the time to sit through 12 episodes is a lot harder than just watching one random episode when you have less free time.

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>martial arts
>sports (except hajime no ippo, but I only watched 3/4 of the anime)
And most of all
I have watched enough of all of those tags/genres(?) to lose interest immediatel.

Also, unrelated to the thread but does Yas Forums not allow storytimes now? I haven't seen them pop up for quite a while now

Anyone help me find my brain? Lost it somewhere

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>character development
Not gonna shit on your taste, but Ginko is a professional that has been through a lot. There's not really much reason for him to change as a character when the series is just him continuing to do his job. It's like expecting a mechanic who's been working for 30 years to somehow have an epiphany about working on cars. This is kind of a point of contention between people who watch anime since some absolutely hate how much anime there is that focuses on younger people. But in some instances at least having a story focus on an adult means there's less room for character development, especially if the story is about the main character just going about his normal day which is what Mushishi basically is even if Ginko's normal day is pretty fantastic.

Though (in the manga at least) there are a few cases where Ginko had to make a choice between allowing the mushi to continue what it was doing or to completely get rid of it and either choice would result in a large change and he had to weigh the benefits of each of them on top of taking into account that he's a person whose job it is to get rid of them.

Episodic usually kills my interest too. Ironically enough though Cowboy Bebop is my favourite anime

Nothing really, though I expect disappointment with;

I expect satisfaction with;
>Sexual Abuse
>Emotional Abuse

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Ginko is only the main character of a few episodes. He's a supporting character in most of them. It's not a story about him, it's a series of individual stories about how different, ordinary people cope with extraordinary circumstances. De-pleb yourself immediately.

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I also tend to dislike episodic, depending on my mood, but Mushishi is an exception. Watching Mushishi is relaxing, so watch it at night. The music and art is beautiful. Ginko is very likeable and subtly funny.

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If you enjoy the premise the trick with those is to watch one episode per week and vever expect any development or some sort of grand arc.

slice of life/iyashikei are usually the only good anime to begin with anyways. literally salt of the earth anime.

You are not supposed to binge watch it you retard,you are meant to watch 1 ep per week.This is how i did and i found Mushsishi very relaxing.

Formatting is important. I hate 4-koma adaptations for this reason, as every few second they present a new setting, a new time of the day, new characters, a new place, and a new subject. It's too fast, too eclectic. I prefer continuity a lot more, even when the story is not important.

I would never recommend Mushishi as a binge watch. That's a terrible way to experience the show.


Agree, every episodic trash is just shit. Only speedwatcher and episodeskipper faggots like them because they don't have to pay attention to the story.