Mangafags deserve the rope

Their only enjoyment in life is to spoil anime to animechads.
They don't even enjoy the manga itself its just a bunch of shitty drawings.

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>yes, I'm choosing to not be up to date on the story, so don't post about it in my thread or it'll make me cry

enjoy subpar entertainment just to be a sore loser and ruin the fun for everyone

Enjoy never seeing anything conclude because all you get is 12 episodes before you move on to consuming the next flavor of the season show.

nah I dont watch fotm shit I watch old anime

Such a stupid thread. OP appears to be mentally impaired and underage.

mangafag seething

>mobilefag hate superior medium
How surprising.

I didn't imply anything of the sort though? The more you reply the more apparent your age becomes.

I'm on pc though?

What you need is

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Old adaptations are just as bad as new ones.

Superior light novel coming through.

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Yeah, but far less get translated.
Shit bites.

You're acting as if age has anything to do with me trolling on Yas Forums lmao
Go back to R*ddit you fucking faggot

Age has a lot to do with watching anime though. Only children watch anime. You're probably underage.

>trolling on Yas Forums
>Go back to R*ddit you fucking faggot
How to spot an underage newfag 101

>Read Excel Saga
>mfw animeonly cucks can't know the bliss of workplace gag manga.

I'm almost 24
Only spiteful people would read Manga for the sole purpose of spoiling it to the majority which dont read manga.
And don't tell me you actually enjoy it because we both know noone enjoys a bunch of shitty drawings. Probably only looks cool as a collection in your room for decoration.

I have never spoiled anything related to anime or manga. And I'm a massive manga fag. Not only that but im a fucking LN fag as well.

Keep making these trash threads and I will though.

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Them why complain about mangafags spoiling (You) when animeonlies are just as likely to ruin your fun for joining late?

>I'm almost 24
And you are this huge of a faggot? That's fucking sad. Also you sound fat as fuck.

Imagine not having the patience to wait for the superior version to come out with great visuals, animations and sound.
Mangafags are literally impatient children.

Go on a diet fatty.

I'm Yas Forums as fuck though?
170/110/180 kg sbd 2 months ago before gyms closed

>we both know noone enjoys a bunch of shitty drawings
i can't tell if you're being ironic or just genuine fucking retard

>great visuals, animations and sound.
More often than not this doesn't happen and you also usually never get an ending. Manga may sometimes run for forever but it's better than getting 12 episodes and then nothing.

Have fun waiting for S2 of your favorite show

same with you friend
trust me I tried? Do people unironically enjoy a bunch of shitty drawings instead of waiting for the superior version to come out in like a year?

My fav show is boku no hero academia and that doesnt happen friend ;)

>I'm almost 24
yeah, physical that is, but it's clear that your mental age didn't progress past 12

It is suffering.

A year is a really conservative estimate. Then you wait another year or more for a season 2 if it ever happens.