Character has a loli's head but with an adult's body

>character has a loli's head but with an adult's body
Why is this so common?

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That's not true, you're just new.

>Why is this so common?
is it actually common or are you just making things up so you can pretend to be upset about them for attention?

studies have shown that women are ranked as more attractive the more child-like they look. images of children's faces mixed with adult women's faces are always ranked hotter than regular women.
however, not everyone is a lolicon. most people are still attracted to key signs of fertility like wide hips or a large bust.
therefore, put a loli head on an adult woman's body. now you appeal to a large majority of people.

i wish i could

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What does a loli with a mature woman's face look like?


probably incredibly cursed

no u

>>character has a loli's head but with an adult's body
Pic unrelated?

Did you guys see that climbing girls anime that is coming up, looks like there's some staff from Harukana on it.

Something from JoJo.

Harukana was a thing of beauty

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Why do keep smacking each other?

Big butt girls must be spanked. It's in their nature.

There's nothing gay about slapping your bro on the ass before a big game

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Hanebado was better,

Hanebado is more serious, this one has more fun. So they are a little different genres

This one has even weirder proportions.

It's like a different artist was in charge of drawing the heads.

Is it bad that I had to drop this show because I couldn't finish a single episode? I literally couldn't get all the way through an entire episode without having to stop and go jerk it.

Why stop?

Truly the thinking man's anime.

If Yas Forums turns men gay, how can beach volleyball not turn girls lesbian?

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They were already lesbians to begin with.

Best of both worlds
Cute neotynous face
Cute breedable body

Both are better but Harukana is much better.


Babyfaced girls are not "cute"