This is your captain now.

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The Captain when she sees that Yas Forums does not love her

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Will she die if I steal the hat?

I love her feet.

Why does no one care about Haifuri anymore?

It finished.

No one cared about her in the first place

Didn't the OVAs set up an S2?

We still have the Haifuri Movie coming to BD this year.

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The movie flopped too. I guess they waited too long.

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How do I get a sencho gf anons?

baka-er Miho

I thought it was alright but something felt lacking. I don't know if they just didn't timed the series right

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What about the toilet paper?

i love the brue mermaidos!

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I thought this show was legitimately good, not just something I like because it happens to have cute girls doing fun things.

this. I don't get it either why it isn't more popular.

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today I will remind them

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I still want to stick my torpedo inside her.

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this anime was ahead of its time

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banana mike!

you shouldn't talk about yourself that way user

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