One Piece

Let's rank the major flashbacks in the series. You can rate them however you want, from how emotional it was to the content that was shown.

For me, it's:
Robin > Law > Chopper > Brook > Franky > Sanji > Luffy > Oden > Noland > Nami > Jinbe > Usopp > Zoro

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>law above oden and noland

>Robin being first
>Zoro being last

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Sanji and Zeff's flashback stood out to me with not wasting food. Sanji and his siblings was probably the one time I didn't feel shit. It was just...there. I got choked up with Otohime and Saul's deaths.

Why the fuck do people try to set up these dumbfuck topics for the threads?
We all want to keep on the discussion of the last thread or shitpost some more.

Literally no one looks at the OP and reads it, you just enter the OP thread and talk about whatever.

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>buttmad because he forgot about the subject

Happy swordsman

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>You have a funny hat Shachi-san, can you tell me more about the sea? Can we, maybe, talk over there, just you and me...?

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For just the SHs,
Brook > Chopper > Nami > Robin > Franky > Sanji > Luffy > Jinbe > Usopp > Zoro
For the Non-SH ones,
Noland > Fisher Tiger > Big Mom > Oden > Law

I know Jinbe and Fisher Tiger are pretty much the same, Jinbe isn't even really the main character of the flashback, so ranking it without considering Jinbe's roll in it puts it higher.

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stranger danger

>I gotta keep these hussys away from Pay-Pay

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dont you forget about the FUNK

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>sanjifags have started making actual wojaks

>can't even defeat an edgy teenager

*dabs on zorocucks*

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What the shit is this?

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Looks like something a BNHAfag would make


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Queens definitely gonna be a bro and try and get Big Mom's kids to hook up with the flying 6

This is embarrassing, even for making fun of zoroshits.
Neck yourself.


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The eventuality of a sperg that cannot stop hissing and spitting in every thread about how much he hates the marimo.

queen is the Mr. 2 of this arc, hes gonna fight sanji and then flip at the end

Noland flashback > All

>Zoro gave up Shusui
It still feels wrong. I know Enma is an upgrade but Shusui has been a part of Zoro for a long fucking time.

Any word on the supposedly coming liveaction Netflix show?
Haven't kept up with the news, if there even are any recent news.

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He'll take it when he's the shogun

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If he can turn Enma black, it will be better than Shusui supposedly.

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I love Zoro

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love when that kind of stuff happens in the background, make the characters feel more alive

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