Liar Game Storytime 2: Game 2: The First Game

Well here goes Part 2 of the Liar Game storytime. The arc of the first PROPER game. Enjoy fuckers.

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Ah the first storytime if you need it:

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Wherein we have to find a reason for the characters to do this very shitty idea so it's pyramid-scheme-ey

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This fucking guy

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He seems like he sucks

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>acknowledging that it's legally bullshit

>Very gullible and inassertive girl! Go yell at the scammers! That'll do it!

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Glad he knows he cannot leave this bitch alone for a minute

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Oh uh is this an orgy

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I love that she still never learned his name

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Apparently he was the only lawyer in her phone book and she didn't find that suspicious at all

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oh whoops I'm an idiot

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When you hear a lawyer saying any of those lines you know something smells fishy.

I am somehow less astonished

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New characters!

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>Smash brothers intro screen

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And now, finally time for RULES, the best part of the manga

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Player elimination? Lame, shit board game.

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I thought the Japanese had good math education, these people should really get that this is a bad deal

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