Jashin-chan Dropkick

>Anime funded by tax payers

Japan is very based indeed

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> Netflix reaps the profits

Jashin-chan is the most overrated show of the season and only Yas Forums likes it

As long as naked snek keeps getting more animes I'm fine with it

>most overrated
>not tower of gook

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>most overrated show of the season
>only one board on the internet likes it
Pick one.

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Most Yas Forums dont even count tower of gook as anime

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It's overrated on Yas Forums.

It's anime in much the same way Freezing is an anime because they were still produced by Japanese animation studios with a Japanese audience in mind.

Except it is, just like Batman Ninja is anime

That's right, so you can go back to Yas Forums

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Overrated is a silly buzzword

ur existence is also overrated, now go pray to the snek

i want to cuddle this fallen angel

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I want to care for her and work hard to support her!

An episode made by tax, for tax, and about tax.

That's also why NHK-funded anime like Log Horizon don't usually care about sales.

fuck off gookshill

checked desu no

based NHK. Unfortunately LH will only have 12.

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pekora is my best friend

but does pekora know that?

Based Jashin-chan, being a parasite not only to the characters in her show but also the Japanese taxpayer

the pekora in my mind does

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You shouldn't lust after angels user, pekora is for pure and platonic relationships

you lust after your friends?

Am i supposed to be mad about this or something?
If anything the japs should be glad their tax dollars went to something useful instead of polishing some missle.
Dont hate on snek.

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Yes, but pekora is not for lewds

That's not what overrated means.

Go away pekora you stink

This. Too ugly.

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Yeah, overrated doesn't mean bad. A lot of the anime people call overrated are pretty decent for what they are, they just have obsessive fans.

look at how flat she is, goddamn thats hot

This is the only show to talk about.
As much as I like Jashin-chan, this situation is kinda bizarre.
Just imagine going back in time when season 1 was in the middle of running and posting "In 2020 the second season of this show will have nonstop threads for week, most reach 500 posts".