Wants a husband

>wants a husband
>refuses any man that isn't rich chad
>tries to gold dig
>meanwhile she's in dead end career and has fading looks
Wtf is her problem?

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Fenneko is better in every way.

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typical woman

Because red pandas are dumb and scared of rocks.

She needs to grow the fuck up.
She is working on that though, espeically after getting to know a guy that is even more of a manchild, but has the budget to back it.

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>doesn't want to marry
>peer pressured into marrying
>doesn't like the guy she was presented
>suddenly, when he was not available anymore, she realized that she lost a chance
>meets guy
>like him even though he's a fucking loser
>wait, no, he's not a loser
>he's actually the perfect guy
>through coworkers she realizes that she does, indeed, want to start a family
>but she also wants to work
>guy she's dating doesn't want to start a family and doesn't want her to work
>the relationship is inherently broken as both are incompatible despite loving each other
>they both go their separate ways
That's it. The fact that so many Yas Forumsnons got filtered by Aggretsuko of all things shows that they don't have any real relationship experience.

Aggretsuko S2 was fucking great because it's a fucking show about cute talking animals made by Sanrio and yet it managed to portray a nuanced and realistic adult relationship.

What type of rocks?

But she didn't want to be a gold digger, that was the entire point of her dumping her billionaire bf. She just has marriage autism.

She and Haida make a great couple too.


>shows that they don't have any real relationship experience.
no shit

I want a cute cynical wife who is also a little fox. I bet it would be so comfy.

God I wish.

she will get no divorce settlement without marriage

Anyone that waifus these characters is a furfag. They are barely even anthropomorphic.

Does anyone here have many Sanrio pictures? I'm looking for one specifically that takes place in a cafe.

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Art imitates life. Women irl are just like that

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Me on the bottom.

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>>wants a husband
>>refuses any man that isn't rich chad
>>tries to gold dig
>>meanwhile she's in dead end career and has fading looks
>Wtf is her problem?

She an actual depiction of a real-life woman, just like Haida is the real-life depiction of said real-life woman's designated beta-orbiter.


Haida should just cut his losses and hookup with the cute foxy co worker. They already have some chemistry

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fenneko said trans rights!

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As the other user said, no shit. It was so easy to watch the threads responding to the show and seeing how completely oblivious so many people here are to actual real life shit and how badly they're going to implode when and if it actually happens to them

So the only criterion for furfaggotry is appearance, not what the character actually is?

For example, I waifu the simultaneously business-savvy and cheerfully generous Kuma-nee, which by your measure is fine because she just looks like a person wearing bear-themed jammies. However, the characters in Damekko Doubutsu are literally meant to represent actual (shitty) animals, while the characters in Retsuko are basically just humans and have no animalistic traits whatsoever outside of their appearance (species in the show is just like hair color or something).

If we assume that it's what on the inside that counts, wouldn't I be less of a furfag if I loved Fenneko than I am for loving Kuma-nee?

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I was kind of sad when we hit Japan in 2018 and there was zero Aggretsuko merch in the one Sanrio store we hit

If you went to the one in Shinjuku, that was because I bought every Retsuko thing they had over Golden Week.

But really, the display was HUGE, which store did you even go to?


>They are barely even anthropomorphic.
That's the best part.

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she was in love with out of pocket ouji for a while

Fenneko is a lesbian though.

If you "have any real relationship experience" then you need to get the fuck off my board right now.