User.... the moon

user.... the moon

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> Tsuki?


i still remember the live scans for this. people went mental at this

>you will never have a relationship with the disabled girl that everyone bullied in Elementary school

Just fucking kill me already



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Was it literally translated "the moon"? With no footnote?

Why was her seiyuu so bad? I could barely hear a word she was saying.

Same reason why blind characters in media are so much more disabled than they actually are in real life; most people think that deaf people can barely make audible words so deaf characters sounds garbled. In actuality most deaf people are perfectly understandable even if it's obviously off.



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I don't know about that, I had a teacher in elementary school who was deaf, and they sounded pretty similar when talking to how Shouko sounds.

what are you even talking about
blind dudes in anime have spiderman-like spacial awareness

>in media

I remember that her seiyuu was praised for the performance.

actually no the translation was fine, it was more because of the tired trope than anything

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Honestly, this doujin is better than the movie/manga themselves

From my experience, it depends on the severity of the case and the person's background. Our approach towards deaf people, particularly their integration in regular society, has changed a lot in recent years. The ever-increasing push towards better cochlear implants, holding regular conversations with appropriate sound volume modulation and lip reading cues allows for rather natural-sounding conversations outside of certain specific contexts. All of this is due to current policies pushing for the normalization of the disabled, while trying to move away from the various, usually rather insular sign languages and schools for the deaf that have resulted in the past in things like "deaf person culture".

Where does this meme come from anyway?

I had a Deaf ASL teacher who made the same sounds as Shouko when she spoke.

Have you read/watched Koe no Katachi?

chika chika

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Her performance was an accurate portrayal of deaf people, and in dub she is voiced by a deaf person.

I love this cutiepie like you wouldn't believe. I wish I could hug her and tell her all bullies should burn in hell

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The Pedro scene was a masterpiece

Why do you have to speak about things you know nothing about? Why not just shut the fuck up?

...okay. i giggled.

...and balances.

hatesex with ueno!

>you will never have a relationship with the disabled girl
I hurt

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