Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

Aren't the girls getting a bit too fat?

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No. They should be getting fatter.

We've hit the Goldilocks zone, if anything,

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Which one is it?


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This is just comical.

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I like Oku a lot, but I think she’s too fat in comparison to Erufuda. Oku is always trying to lose weight, she might be the most motivated of the cast to do so. But Erufuda never wants to do weight loss shit, she just wants to laze around and cram fries in her mouth. Hopefully Oku being this big is a precursor to Erufuda getting a size-up as well.

Do they make girls like that in real life too? I need to know, those proportions tempt me to explore third dimension.

>Expecting 3DPD to store fat in the right places
user, I'm gonna save you the disappointment and say no

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i like the detail that the elves are all japan tall
i wonder if that was on purpose?

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Dude likes his reverse height-gap. He made the protag human a manlet

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You late again today user. If this happens again, I'm going to have to seriously think about letting you go.

still fappable

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Truly the thinking man's pastime

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I wish the hobbit was better.

Me too

Pear shapes like that exist in real life. Get out there and find them.

What killed the hype?

Is he the worst health advisor ever? All of his patients seem to just get fatter and fatter and he himself seems to bounce back and forth on his weight.

>Monster girl fad died.
>Series about health tips with fan service never shows any real progress and becomes increasingly about just fan service.
>Artist started overindulging in his fetish and girls went from being just chubby to flat out fat.
>It's falling into the same trap monmusume fell into where instead of developing the main cast they just introduce another new girl.

Shouldn't these girls have a bunch of stretch marks and loose skin?

See, I feel bad for Porc because we know that most Orcs are considerably chunkier than what she's at right now so I feel the need to protect her and make her into my wife. Conversely, Erufuda's lack of willingness to get slimmer makes me feel nothing towards her. Overall, White Elf is fucking dumb as a suitcase full of rocks.

It was never about the health advice, let's be real
>Don't eat too much
>Too many carbs is bad
>Homecooking veggie meals is healthy

It's 2D, everything is idealized and free from the negative qualities of 3D. They would also smell terrible and be pimply with how much greasy shit they enjoy. But thankfully they're 2D and not 3D.

Not unusual for this type of series to start with basics like those and then move on to more advanced or niche parts of the topic.

Your skin only gets loose after you lost weight


No, you can lose weight fast enough to have loose skin.

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It really should have had a plot, even garbage like Maken-ki ran for 13 years because it had a god tier H artist making it.