Kingdom 641

New chapter is out on SenseScans:
>everyone on HSU will get laid
Finally, bros... Shin will become a general but only after a 30 days hiatus

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>It's Thursday, Kingdom release day.
>Thank you, Kingdom!
>It's the end of the Gyou Arc, that took three years.
>As it was mentioned on the magazine, we will get a three weeks break
>This is what I requested on last autumn, regardless of the coronavirus
>It will take time to project the next chapter and beyond
>Please, understand!

I can't believe Shin married Hyou.

Will there be a timeskip?

It's been years, I've forgotten what they we're even fighitng for.

i can't believe ancient china looked like this

its been 83 years but we've finally made it bros!

Three weeks break? The next issue is only in two weeks. Does it mean three weeks or three issues? Because a two issue break isn't much.

>it's finally over
This shit started in 2016.
F to all my bros that didn't make it. It's been a turbulent few years.

kyokai is pregnant with shin's child, it was a ghost impregnation to save him back when he died, don't @ me

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I have missed Kingdom. It's been a couple of years since the Zhao arc started, right? Either way I am glad to be back. Hopefully this means a more active community here on Yas Forums too.

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Oh, my bad, it's 3 issues break

When he will getting married ?

What a gay retard.

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Highly doubt.
The ceremony will be soon and probably we will engage into a Han Campaign led by Tou (in which I think, Shin could be one of his deputies)

wait, is war over?

I like how Sei isnĀ“t against it

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I'm thinking about doing a reread of this last arc, maybe I we can do a dump during this break to discuss the campaign.

They haven't conquered Zhao yet. This campaign is over tho.
They took the 3 key cities to start an all-out war against Zhao, cause those cities allow now Qin to invest an offensive against the whole Zhao territory cause their supplies now can be secured through their lands.

>a Han Campaign led by Tou
This is when Tou will retire and settle in to some village, right?

ok, this was a good gag. I almost expected shin to be scammed

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ok, guys this the end of Kingdom, it was fun as long it lasted

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Isn't he turned into the first governor of unified China?

Such nice and refreshing chapter.

I like that he was perfectly satisfied with the tiny shack

yeah, that's so shin

three weeks my ass, it says it'll be back on the 4th of june

japs are weird, that issue is released one week before

Huh, maybe I'm thinking of someone else? I was sure Tou retired before the unification, but maybe I am just mixing things up.

It's actually 3 issues, with the golden week it's 30+ days break

Historical accuracy? Kingdom? Really, user?

His records are confuse
I remember reading somewhere he would also lead a offensive against modern day Korea, but I'm not sure

finally shin's house, i've been waiting for years to see his house.