This girl weighs 125lbs

This girl weighs 125lbs.

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That's a pretty normal weight for a girl of that height.

imagine the feeling of her weight pressing down on your hips
god i wish anime girls were real

Go look up anime girls who are 5'5", they're all much lighter than her.

Her ass is 100lbs

god could you imagine having intercourse with her with the soul purpose of procreation?

I want to start a family with her.

Most anime character weights are fucking retarded, and determined by otaku with a poor grasp of actual female anatomy.

we really have to eradicate americans


fuck your spam

perfectly healthy by BMI standards
makes sense she's a little heavier than other anime girls since her hips are so wide. most are built very narrow-framed

Most Westerners' concepts of what Japanese girls weigh is fucking retarded and determined by having a poor grasp of how tall Japanese women are.

Did anime peak with shinka


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5'5 in japan is 5'5 everywhere else user


i want her to sit on my face

American website created by an American.

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Elon Musk is South African

Abe is japanese

Elon Musk didn't fucking make this website now did he?
Abe didn't make this website either

About 56,7 kg.
And I want them all on my face.

She's actually 57kg/126lbs

8.92 stone

She's too heavy for Men's Featherweight boxing. She would have to move up to the next weight class.
God damn.

She’s 5’5 so that’d make sense since she’s sort of stacked and thicc

Which is perfectly fine.

I wonder how hard she hits.

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Absolutely brain dead post.

ok, shinka has a pretty normal and healthy bmi, but its already on the heavy side for an anime girl. whats the anime girl with the lowest bmi tho?

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Shinka is going to take so much chad cock once she graduates high school.

Does Crab count?

no, not really. i am talking about girls which didnt get cursed, arent fairys, etc. just random anime girls without any supernatural condition.

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