Why are clocks so sexy?

Why are clocks so sexy?

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I love feet

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this clock is a bully

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How do you have sex with a clock anyway?

Because she's not a Yandere/gire shit and has an interesting backstory.

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Because it's not really the clock but the clothing, the murderous but seductive personality, and the heterochromia that make the character so sexy.
One can barely make out that there is a clock in the yellow eye.

I want to fuck a clock

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This one right here is the father.

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clock gets posted here and in buyfag thread so much but i've never met anyone that actually liked date a live outside of Yas Forums

Because most people only like Kurumi not DaL.

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So is Date a Bullet good?

It's a harem series, why would it be popular in the west?

That explains why the spin-off is doing so poorly.

Can confirm. I fap to her but never watch her show.

they are not that's just your mental illness user

It's confirm why it was the only spin off that got an anime.

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? Season 4 was also announced or do you expect them to air both seasons at the same time? If they want to milk the series now the novel is over then they first air an adaptation and then 1 or 2 seasons later they air the other one.

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That's a big tongue.

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I can't believe this was originally a seinen.

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Kurumi loves licking stuff.

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Parallel World Adult Kurumi with Parallel World Tohka is nice illustration.

That's why I love her.

You want to get ghost drool on you?

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Can her anime save DAL?

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God I hope this isn't the artstyle they use.

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Don't you?