You can't make this shit up

You can't make this shit up.

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Didn't Fairy Tail have a Dragon that stripped people naked? Because he didn't want to eat their clothing which is totally not an excuse for fan service.

What's wrong with that? Fuck eating clothes

You peel your fruits too don't you user? Oranges and such?

Fuck off shounentard

>One Piece invented dragons

I don't see the problem desu senpai

sasuga bait

> How dare he use dragon, only OP allow to use dragon.
Also at least pick a scene that similar, showing a dragon in each series just lazy.

RAVE had Dragons, FT had dragons as creatures long before Punk Hazard.

Yeah, Oda isn't exactly a great artist.

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i think he's saying that in One piece the dragon looks goofy unlike FT

FT's look much better
One piece is like a visual diarrhea

And Edens Zero has robo dragons.

We sure?


Is this trying to convey that OP looks like shit compared to Fairy Fail? If not, I am now a believer. Holy shit does OP look like shit.


What a chad!

Do you want to buy a bridge?

Or leaving the aluminum wrapper on gum.

god...oda is a fucking hack

>i think he's saying that in One piece the dragon looks goofy unlike FT

Then he's a fucking retard because the FT Dragon looks generic as fuck.

>You can't make this shit up.
No. You can't. FT's dragon looks completely soul-less, but I'm sure tasteless shit-eating faggots will lap it up anyway.

Realisticer is betterer!!

Not what was stated, but go ahead. Keep projecting FTard.

>it doesn't look like shit it has soul
>it's bad on purpose

I was agreeing with you lol. People only like the FT dragon because it looks more realistic

Not that I'm defending the left, but I do kinda enjoy dragons drawn in a more demented "jaberwock" way. FT looks cool but kinda bland. OP looks like shit but I like the approach kinda

You don't understand, Oda is making an omage to the old drawings of dragons.

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I fucking wish, medieval illustrations of dragons have soul

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I dunno, I think it might be on purpose

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>things in one piece look goofy as fuck
true but that doesn't make the one piece dragon any less goofy or even generic since is the excat same type of dragon.
also fairy tail did had a variaty of dragons that looked very intresting.

literally chicken scratching
Is Oda an amateur artist or something?

Well, yes.