Musume no Tomodachi 39

Dumping Chapter 39 gook scans

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Miya has reconciled with her father.

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Looking forward to the cat fight next chap

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Let's be real, Honma is too good for him.

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Honma a cute! CUTE!

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Kousuke is one lucky man.

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And that's it for now. Translator user, bless us with your presence.

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I do like Koto a lot but let's be honest, Honma is the correct choice for someone like Kousuke.

Honma > Koto > shit > Koto’s mom > Miya

I like MC and Koto together in a platonic way. Them just dealing with their shit and Koto becoming a good friend of the family would be a pretty good end.


I'm a rando Korean, it's 10:30am and I gotta sleep so I can only give a shitty tl;dr

>daughter says "dad be careful too" to his "be careful", she'll later be going to school bc there's an opening ceremony
>dad and assistant are at some inn, I forget their job but lady has to answer a question but the dad covers for her
>they're staying together and dinner's at 7
>dad wishes he traveled more with wife and daughter, muses vaguely about being with Koto
>assistant thanks dad for covering the q, asks if his daughter's ok after the incident
>"Ichikawa and the chief... no nothing, another round?"

Sorry it's shit, but I'm so sleep

Thanks user.

I also thinks that the ending we will get with Honma winning the MCbowl.

I don't know about you guys but I really like how the female bodies are drawn with a sense of realism. I am tired of flatchests and cowtits.