One Piece

He's going to betray Kaido, isn't he?

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you cropped it wrong, the traitor is slightly to the right


My wife.

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What card game is he named after?

Why him in particular? He looks like the ugly ass worthless side character Oda will make me care about somehow sure but betrayal? Why do you think that?

Nah, Betrayal is lame and overused.

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>Shitposters I kneel

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Kiku's stink socks...

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Yes, I have that.

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Spoilers confirm him and Who's Who as former pirate captains

I think that him and Who's Who only follow Kaido because of his strength, not because they respect him. I think they'll turn on him the moment they see that he can be defeated.


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Black Maria? Fuck you.

Is he going to need another blood transfusion?

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What are you trying to insuiate about who's who?

listen man the entire crew has cried at some point, even zoro at baratie
im not sure what your grand scheme is here

Don't worry, you still have Pudding.

this is bait but it's x drake obviously

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And? Jinbe was a fromer pirate captain. Do you suggest he will betray Luffy?
Zoro was a pirate hunter before.
Brook wasn't a captain, that's true. But was part of a fromer crew. So what?

nah nami is too old and loose, sanji has pudding

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>bothering your time with irrelevant shitposters
You're better than this.

give it a minute kizaru you might remember

Lets try to keep the shitposting at least funny user, not just random screeching. T. Chopperfag

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Don't you dare speak about drake like that, ever. He is a model pirate and role model to the crew. You disgust me

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So do any of them even have much loyalty to Kaido?

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Gotta release all that testosterone somehow

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shitposting aside
why would oda send him to ivankov's island?
are the rumors about about Sanji's voice actor and Oda's wife true?

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You forgot Usopp. He was a captain before too.
And Nami was part of a different pirate crew too.
Robin was part of numerous groups.

Im gonna... Im gonna...

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yes lets instead interact with the mentally ill anti sanji poster

Drake is probably the only loyal one to be honest

>Brook wasn't a captain

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Kaido is clearly the kind of captain that leads with fear.
The second someone beats the shit out of him they will all jump ship.

Stinks from what?

Kuma knew it was where he belonged

How about you interact with neither? That's the rule 1.

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Some more plot holes no one's talking about

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>shitposting aside
>are the rumors about about Sanji's voice actor and Oda's wife true?
So when are we putting the shitposting aside?



>anti sanji poster

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Private friendly swordfight when?

But he's the one guy we 100% know is working for the marines to undermine Kaido

literally because he thought it would be fun
what if the guy who loves women was thrown to the crossdressing island for two years
he's a fighter so he can't be thrown to a pure cooking island so just give ivankov some shitty cooking recipe and you're good to go

I just had the hilarious thought of Sanji and Pudding living under the same house while Katakuri spies on them being the protective brother he is.


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It's kinda weird we haven't explored more of Brook's past when he was alive like which kingdom in the past he had an allegiance too. Then again he was dead for like 80 years,right? A whole lot can happen in that time.

I-I'm*hic* sorry*hic* I-I just have too much testosterone...

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Since when OP general full with shit posting?

Based, Oda is the most prolific anti sanji poster if anything.

Nice headcanon buddy!

We really need a new chapter, almost all of the thread is coomerposting or shitposting.

> sanji doesn't have to fuck the tranny
sounds like a big W to me
you must be new here, you should've been here a few hours ago when americans weren't awake

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If you hadn't used an exclamation mark, I'd have taken the bait and thought you were serious.

>"Don't speak ill of Zoro" - Oda

Oda seems pretty fond of Sanji since he gave him the protagonist role in WCI
not to mention he's gotten much more action with girls since the timeskip

hey borsalino glad you could make it too another thread!