Was Kira really evil?

Was Kira really evil?

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He wasn't evil but he wasn't even compassionate and merciful.

Claiming you are God and killing anyone who disagrees with you is generally considered evil.

desu he was just lawful evil

Good answer

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"Evil" is a tag that people puts on you based on their own culture and belief. So how evil you are depends on the time and place where you are being being judged.
By today's standards and in most developped countries, he definitely was evil as fuck.

Isn't that what Gods do?

Cmon why are people still defending him?
Most off his kills were just poor neets.

would love if this series would get remade but with mature characters instead with misa misa

but he was a good swim instructor

It makes more sense for an omniscient being to claim to know evildoers from good people than it does for a high schooler desu

Gods are defacto evil, they allow evil to exist and for it to proliferate when they have the omniscience to put a stop to it
Whether they kill all evil or let it be, they're evil all the way down

>misa misa
Misa was the most mature character in Death Note.

No he was just misunderstood


Not really

Yes; he merely chose a way to seem just because he had a god complex and wanted people to worship him. He never cared about protecting the world or stopping crime, he only cared about being seen as all powerful.

He was perfectly justified. However, he made mistakes. He should have researched every target in the world, then arranged their deaths to occur on the same day. It would have been much harder to catch him. Also, he should have killed everyone with cancer to give himself a huge headstart against law enforcement.

>Other people doing bad things makes you evil
Why don't you donate half your income to charity then? There are kids starving in africa, and you could probably survive on less money, so by not giving all your cash to charity, you're basically starving the kids yourself right?

In what world is killing people just for disagreeing with you a good thing? Kira wanted to become the ultimate arbiter of good and evil, except he was a chuuni teenager/young adult who never grew out of his chuuni phase and couldn't even be trusted to keep a scrap of the death note in his pocket at the end because he was too high on his own self-righteousness.

Yes? He made a point to kill the Fake L early on just because his ego stroking couldn't take a challenge. And he needlessly killed Ray Penbar and the other FBI agents even after he'd cleared himself of suspicion. Light was evil and also believed too much in his own hype.

Only because he lost.

The gift of freewill is better than putting a stop to all evil. Why would you know more than an omniscient God?

The author was pretty evil for that shitty oneshot ending.


>Good, evil, they are a matter of perspective!
>*tips fedora*

No seriously, Light was unambiguously evil

I would argue that if an omniscient god existed he would just be true neutral. To take away evil you would need to take away freedom, and things become really boring when you're the one deciding everything that happens.

yeah, the author never shied away from that. Flat out stated that Death Note is a classic "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" story.

>To take away evil you would need to take away freedom
That's retarded. To take away evil you only need to take away ABSOLUTE freedom.

While he did he kill innocent people you could argue he done more good than bad considering the fact he basically forced world peace and all crime in the world went down by 70%.

Guy got enjoyment out of taunting some widow about her eventual suicide he set up after killing her husband whom she was just trying to avenge through legal means. So yes.

Killing criminals is lawful good even if they're already prisoners, and killing enemies who are trying to kill or capture you is self defense which has no alignment.

>The gift of freewill is better than putting a stop to all evil.
No it isn't, anyone will take a painless life over a free one. Only deluded americans who have never trully suffered think otherwise.

>Why would you know more than an omniscient God?
That's implying that your god is omniscient or even not from the imagination of antiquity dudes.

She was asking for it though.

No that's what communists do.