I gotta ask... what the hell was Kentaro thinking?

I gotta ask... what the hell was Kentaro thinking?
>hmm... what does this forest where kids are always happy need?
>I know! More child rape!

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They're both children so I think it's okay. Besides, they're not even human. Animals fuck each other all the time.

>always happy
I know you're funposting, but just for the record: Those children aren't happy. They've been mutated and driven insane.

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Piercing your ass with a stinger isn't fucking, user

have you tried?


I'm not "funposting". This isn't like Donovan where the rape is relevant to the plot, it's just out of nowhere rape for the sake of it.

Oh, and after they die, they're not free. Their spirits wander lost and terrified in the dark interstice.

It's sodomy. And he said rape, not fucking.

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He said fuck, not rape.

>not being a massive pervert

It's no less pointless than showing them stabbing each other to death. They're imitating what they've seen adults do. It's a dark reflection of the way children learn to behave. Apostles and their spawn often take the darker impulses of people to ridiculous extremes. Why is this any worse? Because it's sexual? Nonsense. It's a harsh chapter, I'd be disappointed if it hid from that because it might offend someone's sensibilities.

And I still think you're just baiting, I just like discussing Berserk.

Oh, I got mixed up and thought you were replying to OP. It's just semantics anyway.

Why do you think I'm baiting? I was just reading the manga and when the elves started raping and killing each other I thought to myself "this is weird" so I made this thread.

Fairy girl made them innocents, with no concept of right and wrong or long time consequences they end up raping and killing each other as if it where a game.

>Why do you think I'm baiting?
I'm sure you are. The fact that you've read through that much Berserk and that's your takeaway from that scene guarantees it in my mind.

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They aren't real fairies. Did you even finish the arc?

That was kinda the point.
The turned children were mimicking adults, you have direct implication they were raped before.

He'd have known that since near the beginning of the arc. Even on that page they transform so of course he'd have to know that.

I can't remember the last time we saw regular sized Puck

If that ain't enough, you have Jill's story, where she's either been molested/raped or (if you're optimistic) narrowly avoided it a whole bunch of times. The point being, the average childhood in Berserk is rough. Much like the average adulthood. The entire Conviction Arc went out of its way to hammer the point that the world was a miserable awful place for most people and they all wished for a savior.
>"But surely children should be the exception! You can't show that kind of thing happening to small children!"
Which is why we'll probably never see this animated. But given the track record that's probably a blessing.

>let's do all the stuff that humans do for no reason at all!
Have you never met a child? Or been one? Kids play, silly. Imitation is part of growing up. It's how kids learn. And in this case, it's twisted and dark.

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A couple of times on the boat, most recently when Moonboy disappeared again (so right at the end of boatzerk). And I coulda sworn we saw him in normal form in Elfhelm but I can't recall where or when exactly.

>Which is why we'll probably never see this animated
You know what I really don't get? Why do animation studios adapt adult media and then proceed to censor it? A lot of the gore was censored in the original Berserk OVA for some reason as if little kids were the intended audience.

>in this case, it's twisted and dark.
Yeah, I understand that this is Berserk and all, but of all the things to imitate why that? It's just strange to me

While I'm at it, I hope Jill's father gets BLACKED Donovan style, he manages to be more annoying than Puck.

Because they are corrupted by the evil of an apostle. Kids can already be fairly cruel, turn that up to the furthest extreme and they're willing to play catch with eyeballs, and when they play Cops and Robbers or Army they go from play fighting to actual fighting to straight up murder. They've been sexually abused, so they sexually abuse one another with abandon.

Kids are wild but they can learn restraint. They know pain. They know empathy. Monsters don't. These children had their future, shit as it was, ripped away from them by force and this is what's left. This chapter is ugly and tragic. It's supposed to be sad. It doesn't hide from any of this. It helps sell the reason behind Griffith's reincarnation, and more immediately, Guts nearly hitting rock bottom before Puck and Godot succeed in pulling him back.

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Jill would've been a better loli companion than Shierke.

I think the uglyness also showed how they are still human because humans have both good and evil in them but fairies are supposed to be pure.

Those bug elves are pure. Pure impulse. They can't even feel fear anymore. And once they're dead, fear is all they can feel. Rosine really did a number on 'em.

Why is he obsessed with children anyway?

He seems to like cuteness a lot, and writing young characters. He also seems sympathetic toward lolicons like myself. In the case of Lost Children they were a good fit, given that children have long been a sore spot for Guts. And it certainly made for some unique storytelling with the horrific Peter Pan angle.

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he is actually correct
children ape and parrot whatever shit they want
and it is easily proofable by countless videos with kids playing as cam whores or even more brutal where kids rape each for fun other on camera in 3 world shitholes

Geez. Sounds like somebody's been walking on the wild side of youtube. That or peeling some nasty onions.

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children rape is like monthly occurrence on news here
15 year old boys raping 10 year old boys, kids raping women with brooms, etc and everything is recorded thanks to steve jobs

Or he went to public school.