Villain commits crime

>Villain commits crime
>Kenshiro murders him

Is it really that bad?
Should he have a no killing rule instead?

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>there are 1000 murderers
>Ken kills them all
>there's only 1 murderer left
someone has to shoulder the responsibility

>cant into utilitarianism

he's no better than the people he kills

Shut the fuck up OP, you're not a friend of justice

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He didn't kill those brats.

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They are the kind of faggots that would lower their heads when their wife and kids gets raped...
Moralfags have the same worth that of a cockroach.

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Have you seen the people he kills? Souther had dozens of starving kids watching him eat like a king while he threw discarded food at their feet and they weren't allowed to even touch it without being savagely beaten. The same kids he made them built his piramid.

At least he didnt kill them.

There aren't really laws against murder in most of 20XX post apocalypse shithole HnK world, so no problems.

then you are worth 1000 murderers
the number remains the same

Yeah that would be Jagi, Ambia and at least 75% of the mooks

Ken is a great man, from a era long gone
He's basically cut from the same cloth as Jotaro
His willingness to kill is one reason why I liked HnK so much, the guys that he killed were all scum
It's cathartic after reading god knows how many tryhard pacifist stories
Seeing bad people get their just deserts is fun

Zero: Legend of Kenshiro Is all about that. Kenshiro learning that just because these guys aren't a threat to him personally it doesn't mean that they aren't a treath to everyone else if left around free to do whatever they want. His world is not one where you can trust the government to lock up people dangerous to society. Either a good person uses force to impose his will on society or a bad person will do it.

>cut from the same cloth as Jotaro
....user, that's inverted causality.

SJW wasnt exist back then

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Holy based

>He's basically cut from the same cloth as Jotaro

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come on man, you're giving jojo fans a bad name, worse than what we have already

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I see the words subversion and deconstruction thrown around often in battle shonen threads, but despite being the grandad of the genre those words fit hnk much better than any of the shows that followed it, since it actually shows how a world where might makes right like those seen in battle shonen would actually be like: a barren wasteland of suffering where everyone is miserable and the weak constantly fell prey of the strong who just seek to satisfy their whims

Hang yourself wojak spamming twitter immigrant and let us have a fist of the North star thread free of your retardation

You need to go read/watch Otokojuku immediately.

It's a pretty anarchic setting, it's not like he can enforce some form of nonviolent penance and expect it to stick. Do you mean he should stop at breaking a few bones?

How do you feel about Hara's Financial crime series?

>Should he have a no killing rule instead?
He is not a faggot.

But Akagifaggots' "point" is that (ironically) it is wrong to condemn rape and other egregious actions in a situation like this.

Amy Biehl's parents style.

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I know Ken came before Jotaro, calm down, his character was just the first that came to my mind
Just talking about that type of character, stoic, willing to kill, emphasis on manliness
That type of character has a name, I forgot how it's called, but I remember some faggot writing a blogpost about how it's an outdated archetype and why it should stay in the 90s

I bet he likes his soi lattes too

Did he at least get to rape some of them?

He is taking out the trash


Murder consolidation is alway better.

I have no fucking idea how I read that whole manga. There's no breathers it's just constant wacky kung fu in tournament arcs with every character being stone faced stoic guys. It was a more episodic early on but it should have either stayed that way or if it wanted to be a battle manga it should have had something resembling a plot instead of tournaments as an excuse for to do neverending crazy kung fu battles, the sequel was much more enjoyable because it did that.
Peerless is much better too.

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