This is an Adam Sandler movie stretched out to 20 episodes and Adam Sandler is replaced with cute lolis

This is an Adam Sandler movie stretched out to 20 episodes and Adam Sandler is replaced with cute lolis

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Fat bratty loli cunny

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I tried to watch this. got to episode 2, when everyone was covered in piss and even used piss to disinfect an injury

Added it to my list.

Strangely one of the first anime i ever watched. It was like Bebop->Eva->TTGL->Mitsudomoe. Then i became a lolicon by sophmore year of highschool.

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And it's beautiful

did you get any other fetish from this? scat?

The first two episodes are so bad it's like they're a different show. Keep watching.


This. seriously how did they fuck up the first two so bad

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I want to have sex with Mitsuba.

based department's calling ya

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Thats all shes good for, really

At least compare it to something funny like Austin Powers

Thing is, almost everyone finds Austin Powers funny and it's hit or miss with Adam Sandler. Like Adam Sandler I see a lot of people hate Mitsudomoe's humor with a raging passion and others who fucking love it, hit or miss

I mean, she's designed specifically do make you want to do that.


>there's tons of uncensored nipples (not the hamster) in the anime
>but not a single one is attached to the girls
Literally why

they actually made a solution to this problem a while back, you see if you type in on google "" and search mitsudomoe in the search bar on the site you get bts footage of marui sister nipples. it's true dude trust me

>he actually thinks fanart is comparable to official full blown lewdness

yeah that's true
but hey there were some very detailed and up close shots of futaba's ass in the show so that's something. too lazy to find the clips

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I wish Mitsuba was my daughter so I could spoil her with her favorite junk foods until she weighs more than the rest of her class combined.

>Austin Powers
Delusional burgerlanders. Nobody who watched that shit when they were over 12 years old would find it funny. The only reason people put it above other schlocky spy parodies is visual and audio presentation. The writing itself would make Adam Sandler cringe.

>Adam Sandler
Why did you word that out? you fucking faggot

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The first ywo episodes are fine. If anything, the show needs more lolipee in it.

Why the fuck haven't anyone told me of this? Holy shit thank you user

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Mani a cute

>Not cancel all other plans and watch immediately

I found this show rather funny, myself.

The show that turned me into a lolicon was Kodomo no Jikan. That show is...well...yeah. There is a reason that so much hentai exists for that show. Attached picture shows up on page 1 of a GOOGLE image search.

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Miyashita da!