Not to piss people off or anything

But how the ever loving fuck do you pass off on a hot piece of ass like this for a less attractive brunette?

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Chika Fujiwara agrees

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She's dumb as fuck and deleted herself from the bowl stating she's mroe like an older sister

She’s a far better choice tho

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>Hoping for a second season just to see more of her

It's just that Eiji always see her as a big sister. And ultimately, she herself took that role too seriously.

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What a cuck

Shit what a waste

She was too powerful and would have destroyed poor little Nanako if she wasn't taken out of the bowl.

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People are stupid, i speak from my own experience.

I kinda miss the
Comfy senryuu threads we had
Back when this show aired

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Senryuu threads are the best
Nanako won, will soon breed
I want more volumes bros

Eiji isn't an M I guess

She'd take Nanako too so it's okay

I can't believe it. She doesn't tell anything but not getting shy of wear such lewd clothes

She was his sister right?

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I still don't know.
How do I count syllables?
Such a mystery!

Subject F should be avoided

There is this thing called personality, you know

I'm more perplexed at why she still uses senryuu to communicate even after they started going out and she actually confessed by talking like a normal fucking person.

She has plenty of personality.

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I prefer koto's personality.

Just asking, any panels that show Koto's armpits?

Best personality

what's up with her gigantic hulk hand

eiji is such a faggot